Brazilian Families Pose With Children Affected By Zika Virus

Associated Press photographer Felipe Dana has captured the love of families for their babies born with microcephaly – one of the medical problems caused by the Zika virus – in Recife, Pernambuco state, in Brazil. He used instant film so they could immediately see the portraits and keep the prints.

Photo by Felipe Dana/AP

Rosana Alves holds her daughter Luana. Alves has three daughters and has left work to take care of Luana, who is equipped with specially designed leg braces to help position her feet.

h/t: theguardian

Photo by Felipe Dana/AP

Tatiane do Nascimento with her son Willamis Silva. He was having swallowing problems and not gaining weight so a feeding tube was introduced, which in less than a month he pulled out a couple of times. Barbosa, who has two other children, says she used to take Williamis daily to the hospital for physical therapy, but now they are going two or three times a week.

Photo by Felipe Dana/AP

Rozilene Ferreira and her one-year-old son, Arthur Conceição.

Photo by Felipe Dana/AP

Elisson Campos with his one-year-old brother, José Wesley Campos. Elisson is very close to his baby brother and loves to hold him in his arms.

Photo by Felipe Dana/AP

Vanessa dos Santos poses with her son, Enzo, who is one of the few mothers who lives within walking distance of a rehabilitation center. Enzo is eating well and gaining weight, but he has to take medication twice a day to control convulsions and still has difficulties with movement.

Photo by Felipe Dana/AP

Daniele Ferreira dos Santos holds her son Juan Pedro. She is helped by her mother and older daughter, who often take turns caring for Juan Pedro. His father left the house a few weeks after he was born.

Photo by Felipe Dana/AP

Diana Felix and Carlos Alberto Dias, pose with their son, Ezequiel. Dias stopped working to help Felix care for their four children. Sometimes he accompanies her to Ezequiel’s therapy sessions and medical appointments, which can be as often as five times a week.

Photo by Felipe Dana/AP

Jusikelly da Silva cradles her daughter Luhandra. Silva says she is desperate to get a brain scan for Luhandra, who was sitting up and eating solid foods before a seizure several months ago left her virtually motionless.

Photo by Felipe Dana/AP

Angelica Pereira kisses her daughter Luiza. ‘We are always chasing something. We have to drop everything else, all our chores, our homes,’ said the 21-year-old. ‘There are so many of us with children with special needs. [The government] is forgetting about that.’

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