Professor Built A 60-Foot Long, 8-Foot Cardboard Wall Outside His Home To Replicate Donald Trump’s Proposed Wall Between The U.S. And Mexico

Photo by Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters

Matt Warshauer, a political history professor at Central Connecticut State University, built a 60-foot long, 8-foot cardboard wall outside his West Hartford home to replicate Donald Trump’s proposed wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Photo by Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters

“Each year I do a political or historical theme and this year was a no-brainer,” Warshauer, a father of three, told ABC News. “How could you not do the ‘Trump Wall?’”

Photo by Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters

Warshauer’s display features skeletons around the wall holding signs like “I’m not a criminal,” and “We are all immigrants,” in response to statements made about immigrants by Trump, who is symbolized with a Styrofoam cut-out.

Photo by Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters

The display also features Hillary Clinton in red, white and blue on a donkey using reigns made of chains, and Bernie Sanders jailed by the Democratic National Committee

Photo by Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters

“My goal is to get people to think,” Warshauer said. “I’m a teacher. I’m a historian.”

Photo by Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters

He added: “I want people to look at history and I want people to look at our politics in a thoughtful way. I’m not asking people to think what I think but I am asking people to think. That’s my goal.”

Photo by Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters

Photo by Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters

Photo by Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters

Photo by Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters

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