26 Feet Tall Dinosaur-Shaped Mechanical Suit Robot Performs In Tokyo

Photo by Toru Hanai/Reuters

Japan’s On-Art Corp’s eight metre tall dinosaur-shaped mechanical suit robot “TRX03” performs during its unveiling in Tokyo, Japan November 10, 2016. Stomping and roaring dinosaurs took to the stage in Tokyo on Thursday as part of a presentation for a proposed entertainment park where visitors will be able to see the realistic replicas first-hand.

Photo by Toru Hanai/Reuters

Japanese firm ON-ART Corp. unveiled man-operated robotic models of raptors, an allosaurus and a tyrannosaurus rex, in a performance at a hotel hall. At one point, the t-rex even appeared to bite the head of a pretend caretaker.

Photo by Toru Hanai/Reuters

Around 8 meters (26 ft) high, the dinosaur replicas were modeled from fossilized skeletons and made of carbon fiber materials, according to the company. Reminiscent of the theme park seen in Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster “Jurassic Park” film, ON-ART Corp. CEO Kazuya Kanemaru said he wanted to create a “DINO-A-PARK” where dinosaur fans could experience the creatures first-hand.

Photo by Toru Hanai/Reuters

Photo by Toru Hanai/Reuters

Photo by Toru Hanai/Reuters

Photo by Toru Hanai/Reuters

Photo by Toru Hanai/Reuters

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