This ‘Virgin Killer’ Sweater Designed To Drive Nerdy Young Men Wild

The mega-revealing piece of knitwear combines the nation’s nerdy chaps’ obsession with “boob turtlenecks” and “side-boob sweaters”. Pictures of the jumper went viral in Japan and it was quickly dubbed “the virgin-killing sweater”. It’s the second jumper this year to be labelled doutei wo korosu, a phrase which suggests it would excite a virgin man so much he would die.

More info: Instagram (h/t: thesun)

“The implication seems to be that the design is so scandalous that it will fry the brain of sex-starved lonely males,” the English-language news site Rocket News 24 wrote.

“While the ample front coverage and high collar mean that the sweater leaves no cleavage whatsoever on display, it’s extremely open on the sides and at the back, promising plenty of side-boob and even a peek at the top edge of the buttocks.”

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