Disney Princess Lingerie Sets Are Here, And You’ll Either Love Them Or Hate Them


Dressing up as a Disney princess is one thing, but dressing down… Let’s just say that people are having major mixed feelings about it. Like it or not, Disney-themed lingerie has arrived, and it’s igniting more than just passion.

Moe info: Yandy (h/t: boredpanda)

Snow White

Yandy, an online lingerie supermarket, has launched 6 raunchy sets inspired by fairytale characters so far, and 4 more are on the way. From Cinderella to Snow White, your favourite princesses now come in sultry lace fashion, with cheeky names like Sleepless Fantasy. The costumes are surprisingly affordable, ringing up at less than $30 a piece on average.


Though some people don’t mind the grown-up take on their childhood heroines, others are seriously uncomfortable with kids movies being turned into bedroom wear.






Evil Queen

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