Really Weird Things That Were Washed Up On The Shore

The ocean hides many secrets not only because it is under-researched but also because it washes things up on beaches that we never expected to see. It’s not always seashells and starfish!

Giant pipes

Chris Herring/Twitter

Giant pipes 6.5 feet in diameter (2 meters) fell into the sea during transportation. Norfolk inhabitants were extremely surprised to find them on the beach in August 2017. The longest pipe was 1,640 feet (500 meters).

h/t: brightside

A LEGO toy

East News

A giant LEGO toy (about 8 feet tall) was washed up on the shore in Zandvoort, Netherlands. At first, the people on the beach were very surprised, but then they set it up and started taking pictures with it. It is still unknown where the toy came from, and the Dutch branch of LEGOLAND claimed they had nothing to do with it.



After the cargo ship Napoli was wrecked in 2007, a few containers were washed up on the shore in Devon, England. People who wanted to get inside the cargo containers rushed to the beach. Some of them got wine barrels, and those who were even luckier got BMW motorcycles.

Missile debris


Missile debris was found on one of the beaches in Japan in 2016. It was probably a part of the North Korean missile that was launched the same year.

The eye of an unknown creature

East News

This unusual item was found on a beach in Florida in 2012. It is unknown what kind of mysterious creature this eye belonged to.

An unmanned target


In 2008, a military object was found on the beach in Scotland. It was an unmanned target.

A dice cube


This huge dice cube was found in Idaho in March 2017.

Spaceship debris

Kevin Eichelberger/Twitter

Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, launched a spaceship. In 2015, its debris was found on the beach in the Bahamas.

Kinder Eggs

Polizei Aurich/WTM/Twitter

In January 2017, children from Langeoog (an island in Germany) got extremely lucky: thousands of Kinder Eggs and LEGO toys washed up on the beach. A cargo ship lost a few containers during a storm, and their contents ended up on this beach.

A flow meter


This mysterious object that was found on the beach in Iceland is not a UFO. This is an acoustic Doppler flow meter: a device that helps to measure the speed of flow in the depths of the ocean.

Blob of Yabuchijima

YouTube/KU WA

After the 2011 tsunami, this giant white mass was washed up on the shore. Someone thought that this was a new creature, possibly a giant octopus. But when scientists took samples, they said that this mass is the leftovers of a shark or whale.

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