Haunting Photos That Will Fill Your Dreams For Days

It’s safe to say that at first glance, the powerful images of British photographer Haris Nukem (previously) hit you squarely between the eyes. His evocative portraits could easily be taken from a vampiric horror movie. An intoxicating blend of Fight Club meets Underworld as it were.

His portraits often feature blood soaked women in various states of anguish and fear – which has often proved controversial with certain members of the public. Look closer and you’ll find several of his subjects seemingly possessed by malevolent supernatural forces.

One factor that cannot be overlooked is Nukem unquestionable ability to draw out an emotional response from you the view. His work might make you feel uneasy, fascinated or confused but it will undoubtedly affect you in some way.

More info: Haris Nukem, Instagram, Facebook h/t: sobasogood

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