The Unexpected Beauty Of China’s Bicycle Graveyards

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For the past 18 months many cities in China have been flooded by millions of dockless share bikes. Those that block pavements or apartment entrances have been removed by authorities to vast storage areas. Viewed from afar they create compelling and mysterious patterns – but also represent waste on an enormous scale.

Here: An aerial view of the rental bikes detained by the local urban administration authority of Luyang district in Hefei. Given that the shared bikes have several users a day – some of them inexperienced riders who swerve into traffic – they are often damaged, vandalised, or abandoned

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Costfoto / Barcroft Images
Share bikes found illegally parked in an enclosure in Nanning. Dubbed ‘ Uber for bikes’, the customers rent bikes using their smartphones and can drop them off anywhere

Tens of thousands of abandoned share bikes piled up at a car park in Nanjing. The bikes are crammed into the 82-metre-long and 60-metre-wide parking space reaching a height of nearly two metres

Discarded Bluegogo share bicycles crammed into a car park in Beijing. Bluegogo, China’s third largest bike-sharing company, went bankrupt last year

Pacific Press / Barcroft Images
Numerous abandoned share bikes in Wuhan

VCG via Getty Images
Piles of abandoned share bikes in Shanghai

Wu Hong/EPA
Thousands of bicycles sit near a flyover in Beijing’s Tongzhou district

Aly Song/Reuters
Abandoned bicycles from various bike-sharing services in Shanghai

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