Bold Nudes That Show How Our Bodies Are All We Have In The End

Ignacio Navarro is a Chilean photographer whose artistic inspiration is all about conservation. Featuring bold nudes that force viewers to witness devastation we’d usually turn away from, we’re also left with confronting our inner prudishness to also avoid the human body in it’s natural form.

His series Anima Terrae explores both the selfish decadence that has led to wildlife and ecosystems being destroyed over time, to the constant shame pointed towards anyone who chooses to go without the need for artifice and superficiality.

As a culture and society we are completely contradictory. We claim to love open spaces full of trees and fresh air, yet these are continuously erased from sight to make way for urban settings. We say the human body is perfect as it is, yet we shy away from any notion of nudity that is free from shame and guilt.


More: Ignacio Navarro, Instagram h/t: culturacolectiva

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