Creepy And Dark Photography Of Nona Limmen, Covered With Goth, Fantasy And Metamorphosis

“Ordinary life does not interest me,” Amsterdam-based photographer Nona Limmen says. She prefers to operate beyond reality, in liminal spaces like memories, dreams, and fantasies.

These are “alike in that they are beyond our grasp,” she explains. “It’s the beauty of the unattainable, the quality of the miraculous.” In her photographs, they all come together to create images that are alluring.

This particular piece is called “Metamorphosis“ comes with its own story that starts, “She murmured a few words in an old, ancient tongue that only she and the animals understood. The forest critters answered. Like a moth to a flame serpents of all kinds gathered around her, caressing her pale body with their scaly coal coloured skin.”

More: Nona Limmen, Instagram

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