“Playing In The Shadows”: A Dark Reality From The Photographer Santiago Sepúlveda

Santiago Sepúlveda is a Bogotá based photographer who focuses his lens on the shadowy immateriality of reality.

His photographs are driven by his own personal perception of his subject that stems from beneath the skin, a person’s aura rather than a preconceived concept or theme. For Santiago, photography is something that comes to him in waves and impulses, pulling him through different modes of expression from documentary to portrait photography.

His photographic aesthetic has overtones of darkness and malice, which are an evocation of a fictional underworld that lies beneath the surface of the quotidian. Santiago’s subjects glare out of the photographic frame, piercing the surface of the image to look you in the eye and establish a deep human connection. The feeling that you get from looking at his portraits is akin to meeting his subjects in the flesh.

Slightly NSFW.

More: Santiago Sepulveda, Instagram

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