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“Motherland”: Photos Of Unfeigned Russia By Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts is an English photographer. In the period from 2004 to 2005 he took a year-long trip around whole Russia, visiting about 200 different cities and villages. During this incredible journey Simon created a series of photos called ‘Motherland’.

The author of the pictures tells that since the childhood he has been fascinated by Russia, especially by its size. Child’s imagination created something extraordinary, fantastic and fabulous which is happening on this huge land. The country was like an enigma and that’s why Simon so much wanted to get there and see everything with his own eyes.

After the big trip, Simon Roberts figured out that all the stereotypes about Russia are radically wrong. The photographer was amazed not only by the vast expanses and wonderful nature but also by the people.. open-minded, unfeigned, optimistic, and amiable people.

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