This Bolivian Student Built The Wall-E Robot Using Materials He Obtained From A Local Rubbish Dump

David Mercado/Reuters

Bolivian student Esteban Quispe holds a replica of the Wall-E character in Patacamaya, south of La Paz. Quispe built the Wall-E robot using materials he obtained from a rubbish dump in the town located in the Andean highland region. He hopes to mechanize agriculture in Patacamaya by making use of robots that operate on solar energy, Quispe told Reuters.

David Mercado/Reuters

David Mercado/Reuters

David Mercado/Reuters

David Mercado/Reuters

David Mercado/Reuters

David Mercado/Reuters

David Mercado/Reuters

David Mercado/Reuters

David Mercado/Reuters

David Mercado/Reuters

David Mercado/Reuters

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