New York Artist Sculpts Sandcastles That Would Make M.C. Escher Proud


When it comes to sandcastle construction, most people focus on the basics — a motte, a bailey, maybe a keep and a moat. New York artist Calvin Seibert, on the other hand, has bigger ideas. Continue reading »

The World’s Weirdest Towers

Picture above is the Zizkov Television Tower in Praugue. Not even Orwell could come up with something as disturbing as this 700-foot-tall broadcasting needle, which was undeniably striking when it opened in 1992. (Its three metallic pillars support nine pod-like protuberances and three decks for transmitting equipment.) But when local artist David Cerny attached a bevy of faceless baby sculptures to the tower’s pillars in 2000, it caused quite a stir. One year later, the babies were removed — and then residents of the Czech capital clamoured for the sculptures to be returned.. So, back up they went, and to this day they send shivers up the spines of sightseers. (MSN News, Getty Images: Tim E White) Continue reading »