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59 Accidentally Brilliant Shots By Edas Wong

“There’s no such thing as a coincidence,” they say, yet many little moments we encounter every day just seem more like happy (or unhappy) accidents rather than anything else. Especially if you have an eye for these things like Edas Wong. Continue reading »

Accidentally Brilliant Shots By Edas Won

There’s a saying that if you let a monkey write random stuff, eventually it will write Shakespeare’s Hamlet. If you transfer the analogy to photography, it would be something like this: if you see tons of random stuff, you’ll eventually see something that might look intentional, sublime, and even brilliant. Continue reading »

All About Photo’s Photographer of the Year 2022

All About Photo has announced the winners of its Photographer of the Year Awards 2022. Marcus Yam took first place with his image of Afghanistan’s air force.

“The best friend.” Photo: Andi Abdul Halil/All About Photo Photographer Of The Year 2022 Continue reading »