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Adorable 2019 Calendar Of Alpacas Living Luxuriously All Year Long

Photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek has an altruistic wish for us in the new year. He wants us to lead happier lives—something that he’s helping us achieve with his quirky 2019 calendar. Called Better Living With Alpacas, the yearly calendar features a cast of the domesticated creatures as they enjoy the lap of luxury in opulent interior settings. Each month highlights a fluffy camelid experiencing the good life in stunning hotel suites and rooftop bars. Continue reading »

Alpacas Attract Beijingers to World Cup

Two alpacas, a kind of animal little known and mysterious to many Chinese, appeared in Sanlitun, Beijing, on Tuesday for a World Cup-related business promotion. Their cute look attracted large crowds. Brazil, where the 2014 Cup is hosted, is also an important habitat for alpacas. The alpacas will stay in the city while the World Cup games are being played. They are said to cost the organizers 7,000 yuan ($1,120) per day in upkeep. (Photos: CFP)
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Photo of the Day: Fashioned Alpacas

Freshly shaved alpacas are seen at Alpaca-Land farm in Goeming in the Austrian province of Salzburg. The annual shearing of Alpacas is done in the spring to make the animals more comfortable for the summer months, and it gives them plenty of time to grow a thick new coat before winter. (Kerstin Joensson/Associated Press) Click image to zoom.