“Berlin Love”: Minimalist Architecture in Surreal Photography By Simone Hutsch

Berlin is a city in Germany that never stands still. This surrealistic series features a mix of popular pre-and post-war buildings. Continue reading »

In Berlin, There Was A Giant Mona Lisa

A 16-meter copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece appeared in the German capital. On the wall of the house, street artists of the art association Die Dixons created a huge reproduction of “Gioconda”. A copy of the “Mona Lisa” is located next to one of the most recognizable sights of Berlin – the East Side Gallery. Continue reading »

People In Berlin Came Up With A Creative Way To Fight Swastikas

There’s a new trend in Germany. Graffiti artists in Berlin are coming together to turn swastikas into much less sinister drawings. They’ve started #paintback – a campaign to turn hateful symbols and slogans on the streets into something fun and artistic. Continue reading »

This Illustrator Turns The Berlin Wall Into Art In A Way You’ve Never Seen Before

There is a remaining part of the Berlin Wall in the Mauer Park, in the Prenzlauerberg district. For decades, graffiti artists have painted this historic piece of concrete, trying to turn something terrible into beauty. And they succeeded. Continue reading »

Random Bag On The Berlin Metro Was Simply Designed To Troll People


Journalist Nader Al-Sarras was riding the metro in Berlin when he spotted a bag with some Arabic text. The text reads as follows: “This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the Arabic language.” It appears that this bag was made for people who need to be trolled. Continue reading »

You’ll Be Surprised To Find Out What These Berlin Artists Use To Create T-Shirt And Bags Designs


Berlin team of artists called Raubdruckerin, which means “Pirate Printer,” doesn’t lack creativity. They use manhole covers, grids, vents and other public utilities to make designs on t-shirts and bags. They have an online shop where you can buy their creations. Continue reading »

Ready to Move In? Mystery ‘Furnished Apartment’ Found In Berlin Subway


Employees of the Berlin subway discovered a fully furnished apartment in one of the abandoned subway tunnels, according to Berliner Kurier. The walls were complete with wallpaper and decorated with paintings. The apartment had a bed, television, chair, dresser and even a palm tree. Power was supplied by a cable network that provides electricity to a nearby metro station. Continue reading »

Pieces of the Berlin Wall Around the World

A piece of the Berlin Wall, which has been on display at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum since 1990, is seen in Simi Valley, California, September 16, 2014. On November 9, Germany will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. To mark the event Reuters Photographers around the world captured images of segments of the wall, which are kept as monuments in many countries from Taiwan to South Africa and Costa Rica. The Berlin Wall, which divided West Berlin from the communist East after it was built in 1961, was the most potent symbol of the Cold War. At least 136 people were killed or died at the Wall, most of them while trying to escape. On November 9, 1989, following huge protests in East Berlin the wall was breached and thousands of people poured into West Berlin. (Photo by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)
Continue reading »

Zombie Walk Berlin

Zombie enthusiasts set out on a “Zombie Walk” in the city center on October 27, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. Approximately 150 zombies, who had organized themselves through Facebook, walked and limped across Alexanderplatz, growled and moaned at passersby and performed jerking dances. In photographs by Sean Gallup / Getty Images. Continue reading »

A Giant City Map of Berlin Artwork

Artists work on a giant city map of Berlin, Germany on a concrete square in the city. The 164 by 164 foot map, at a scale of 1:775, will be opened to the public on August 25 for the 775th anniversary celebration of the founding of Berlin. (Gero Breloer/Associated Press)

Photo of the Day: Holi Festival in Berlin

People throw colored powder into the air during the Holi Festival in Berlin. The original Holi, also known as the festival of colors, is a festival celebrated in India and other Hindu countries. Some thousands of people celebrated this event with Indian Djs, acrobatics and dance in the German capital. (Oliver Lang/dapd) Click image to zoom.

‘Pacific Standard Time’ Exhibition in Berlin

A man walks in front of a detail of the giant painting ‘Berlin Red’ created between 1969-1970 by Sam Francis, and a woman looks to the artwork Untitled (Venice) created in 1967 by Lee Mullican, during a press preview of the exhibition ‘Pacific Standard Time’ in Berlin. The exhibition offers viewers a primer on three decades of Los Angeles’ art scene and stems from a decade of research. (Markus Schreiber/Associated Press) Continue reading »

Berlin’s Festival of Lights

The Berlin cathedral is seen as it is illuminated during the Festival of Lights in Berlin on Wednesday. (Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters) Continue reading »

Traenenpalast Museum Opens To The Public in Berlin

A visitor looks at a display of video monitors once used by East German border police at the Traenenpalast museum on its first day open to the public on September 15, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. The museum documents the history of the Friedrichstrasse crossing between East and West Berlin. Located at the end of an East Berlin subway line, it was the final point of departure for West Germans returning west after visiting relatives in the East, which earned the building the popular name Traenenpalast, or Palace of Tears. Border gaurds often subjected travelers to inordinately long waits and meticulous searches. The construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 separated families and friends overnight as the East German government mostly forbid its citizens from travelling west. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images Europe) Continue reading »

Computerspielemuseum in Berlin

The Computerspielemuseum in Berlin, Germany feels obliged to collect and preserve digital interactive culture. In the centre of this task there is the documentation of the digital interactive entertainment media that one commonly calls computer and video games. Museum, which was opened in Berlin in 1997, was the world’s first permanent exhibition devoted to digital interactive entertainment culture. Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: Rolling Fashion Show Goes Underground in Berlin

Noah Becker (L), son of former German tennis great Boris Becker, looks at a model wearing a bathing suit he designed during the Chevrolet Underground Catwalk 2011 on July 6, in Berlin, Germany. The event took place in an U-Bahn commuter train and coincides with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. (Sean Gallup / Getty Images)