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Antonio Santin’s Hyperrealistic Paintings: Uncovering the Artistic Treasures Hidden Under the Carpet


As an artist based in New York, Antonio Santin has gained recognition for his incredibly realistic paintings of decorative rugs. Continue reading »

This Carpet-Covered Lada Is the Most Soviet-Era Car Ever Made

There are many Soviet-era remnants scattered all over the Russian Federation, but few as blatant as this old Zighuli car covered in Persian-style rugs that recently went viral on social media. Continue reading »

Street Artist Uses Traditional Persian Rugs As Canvas To Spray-Paint Female Portraits

Mateo is a french artist based in Montreal. He is best known for his baroque street art inspired by ornaments from around the world, as well as for his striking oriental carpet paintings, resulting in a mix of urban art with the heritage of ancient cultures. Continue reading »

Guy Catalogs Hotel Carpets, Creates The Most Boring Instagram Account Ever

The greatest thing about the internet is that no matter how long you have been using it, it still has the ability to surprise you. Would you have ever thought that there’s a guy who takes pictures of hotel carpets and posts them on Instagram? Continue reading »

What Happens When Carpets Leave Apartments

Russian people love carpets. Especially in Soviet Union there was an obsession with carpets, practically every apartment had one, not always on the floor, often hanging on the wall as decoration as well. But not always they keep carpets inside. Here are examples of use of carpets outside. Continue reading »

“The Genesis Of Design”: Check Out This Amazing Display Of Carpets In Caverns

ABC Carpet & Home has launched its latest campaign, “The Genesis of Design.” Featuring the eco-conscious Alchemy rug collection, renowned photographer Jason Madara digs deep and shot the rugs 500 feet below the earth’s surface. Continue reading »

Kneeling, Five years of WE MAKE CARPETS


A big solo exhibition (open:29 August – 26 October, 2014) of WE MAKE CARPETS with which they celebrate their five year anniversary at MU Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The book: Kneeling – Five years of WE MAKE CARPETS will be launched 24 October 2014, during the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
Continue reading »

Fantastic Carpets by ‘We Make Carpets’

WE MAKE CARPETS, consisting of Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten and Bob Waardenburg, mix traditional skills and a critical view of the consumer society in unusual carpets. WE MAKE CARPETS are inspired by the colour, shape and possibilities of the material chosen. The result is not just a decorative carpet, but an object that makes us think about the consumer society that produces these ‘weaving materials’. A contemporary interpretation of wealth.

Candybar Carpet
Candybar Carpet was commissioned by Slokdarm festival, Veghel, The Netherlands. And was exhibited in the old CHV factory just outside the city. Continue reading »

H. P. Lovecraft Inspired Carpets

Absolutely terrible carpet patterns, inspired by Lovecraft creatures and created by Russian designer Kirill Rozhkov for EGE, Danish carpet manufacturer. Continue reading »