This Could Possibly Be The Best Santa Claus Ever!

Vitor Martins puts forward his fist, that has the word “God” tattooed on it, in front of his Santa Claus outfit inside his house, before a performance with children in Sao Caetano do Sul’s town square, near Sao Paulo, December 7, 2014. Martins has dressed as Santa Claus, working at shopping centres and various events, for fifteen years, and has 94 percent of his body covered in tattoos, with several in reference to Christmas. (Photo by Nacho Doce/Reuters)
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“Been on More Roofs than Santa Claus”

“You always remember your first…” (Photo by Roof Topper) Continue reading »

Santa Claus Diver Performs In Seoul

A South Korean diver clad in Santa Claus costume swims with sardines at The Coex Aquarium on December 8, 2012 in Seoul, South Korea. Even though the official religion of South Korea is Buddhism, about 30 percent of it is Christian and Christmas is one of the biggest holidays to be celebrated in South Korea. Photos by Chung Sung-Jun. Continue reading »

Santa Claus Parade 2011 Preview

Santa Claus (RIGHT) and Brian Hooper (LEFT) were on hand at the press conference for the up coming Santa Claus Parade. (Peter J. Thompson/National Post) Continue reading »