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Congolese Artists Transform Garbage Into Garb to Take a Stand

Stéphan Gladieu/National Geographic

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, artists’ creations protest the country’s plight as a dump for global waste. After years studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, Kinshasa — following teachers’ advice on creating work with “proper” materials, such as resin and plaster of paris — some students in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) decided to do something different. Continue reading »

Stunning Pink Landscapes Of The Deadly African Congo


What you’re about to see is not an illusion.

The innovative (and as we’re about to find out) equally daring photographer Richard Mosse captured these starling images from the war torn territory of the Congo in Africa. Deep in the jungle war zone Mosse opted to use a rare (and now discontinued) military surveillance technique known as ‘Kodak Aerochrome’. Continue reading »