$4 600 000 For Your Very Own Floating Island

This strange looking craft and floating island is named the ‘Osros’ and was designed to offer the billionaire superyacht lifestyle to the millionaire who can’t afford it. It has six luxury double bedrooms, with space for 12 residents and accommodation for up to four staff members, this little.. i mean big beauty can be yours for £3 million. There is what the manufacturers describe as an ‘autonomous power supply based energy system’ powered, both day and night, by a noiseless wind energy system, as well as more than 120 m2 of solar panels making the most use of daylight. Heat recovery from sea water is the basis for heating and air conditioning. Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: Through the Floating Ice

A buoy layer makes its way through sheets of floating ice on the river Oder at the German-Polish border near Hohenwutzen, eastern Germany. The German part of the river had to be closed for traffic. (Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/dapd) Click image to zoom.

World’s Largest Floating Christmas Tree Unveiled in Brazil

An 85-meter high Christmas tree, said to be the world’s largest floating Christmas tree, according to the Guinness Book of Records, was unveiled at Rodrigo de Freitas Lake in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Saturday evening. With the theme “A Gift for the Brazilian Family,” the floating Christmas tree was inaugurated for its 16th edition in the annual event, which is one of the three largest events in Rio de Janeiro, along with the Brazil Carnaval and New Year’s Eve.

Fireworks explode around a Christmas tree during its lighting ceremony at Rodrigo de Freitas Lake in Rio de Janeiro Nov. 26, 2011. (Reuters) Continue reading »

The Magnificent Floating Puppets of Les Plasticiens Volants

An inflatable snake hovers during a performance by the French street theater company Plasticiens Volants in Berlin, Germany. The spectacle, featuring gigantic flying inflatable fairy-tale creatures and performers on stilts and in costume ,was a part of celebrations for the 125th anniversary of the Kurfuerstendamm, known locally as the Ku’damm, a shopping boulevard. (Adam Berry/Getty Images) Continue reading »