A Badass “Heroic Girls In Movies” Scratch Off Poster

Watch one of the hand-picked movies, then you (or your favorite tween or teen) can scratch it off.

Timothy and Aurélia Sanders of Curious Charts have created a wonderfully badass “Heroic Girls in Movies” scratch-off poster that features 46 illustrated heroines of the silver screen. The artistic duo wanted to inspire their young daughter with examples of strong females who can think, fight and be unapologetically proud of who they are. Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: The Heroic Woman!

The Port Elizabeth Herald reported Friday that Violet D’Mello of Aberdeen, Scotland, was attacked by cheetahs on April 28 while in a petting pen at a game reserve near Port Elizabeth in South Africa. She was attacked while trying to protect children from another group that was in the enclosure at the same time. One of two cheetahs in the enclosure grabbed a young girl, leaving her with scratches and cuts. D’Mello tried to calm the child and her brother, and ended up also being attacked. (Archibald D’Mello/Associated Press)