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Dublin’s Hungry Tree: Approach At Your Peril!


Dublin has many famous landmarks, but one that should be more famous is the “Hungry Tree,” which is slowly digesting a park bench. In the grounds of the King’s Inns, the training ground of centuries of Irish lawyers and barristers, stands a vast London Plane tree of unknown age. Although listed as one of Ireland’s Heritage Trees by the Tree Council of Ireland, but its real claim to fame is the park bench it’s been slowly swallowing up over time. Continue reading »

Restaurant Puts Fridge In Street So Hungry People Can Take Leftovers


When a restaurant owner in Kochi, India, saw a homeless woman eating from a trashcan, she knew she had to do something. So Minu Pauline came up with a brilliant idea. Realizing that her restaurant, Pappadavada, had a lot of leftover food, she decided to put a fridge outside so homeless people could help themselves. Continue reading »

A Photographer Has Created A Series Of Paw-Traits Of Hungry Dogs Pulling Hilarious Faces As They Try And Catch Treats


Using a unique technique, the shots are captured at the exact moment the adorable pooches attempt to catch an airborne piece of food. The dogs appear surprised, happy, sad, confused – and sometimes even so blasé they miss the treat entirely. The images were taken by Christian Vieler, a photographer from Waltrop, Germany. Continue reading »

Taiwan’s Watermelon Bread Is Getting Us Both Confused And Hungry


In Taiwan, kids are notoriously hard to feed during the hot summer months because their appetites decrease. To address this, an extremely imaginative bakery in Taiwan’s Yilan County literally cooked up something extra special. Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: Hungry Bird

Mother and her child feed birds in the Belarus capital Minsk, on February 6, 2014. (Photo by Viktor Drachev/AFP Photo)

Photo of the Day: Hungry

A monkey rests inside in a bowl where food is offered by devotees for birds and monkeys at the Kamakhya temple in Gauhati, India. (AP)

Hungry Polar Bear in Daredevil Climb

Tis starved bear was pushed to new limits as he dared to descend 300ft down a sheer cliff face to find food. The amazing images show the young male polar bear risking his life on a precarious precipice while scavenging for eggs. Stunned passengers on board an ice-strengthened boat watched on in awe as the bulky beast inched down the sprawling cliff-face in the search for a meal.

American photographer Dylan Coker, who was exploring the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in the Russian Arctic last month, captured the incredible snaps. Continue reading »