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Explicit Aerial Shots Of Powerful Tech And Transport Industries


Many are familiar with Bernhard Lang’s work as he is the master of aerial photography. He has captured numerous views of the world from above. Usually, photographers do not devote much of their time to industrial zones – the beauty of nature and outdoors are the usual preference and technical areas are largely neglected. Perhaps Bernhard thought it is time to change that, so he went on to photograph aerial images of industrial scenes in Germany and USA. The series was made in 2014 and includes large storage areas, huge commercial parking spots, massive industrial pipelines, ship ports, commercial railway lines, construction areas and complex manufacturing systems. Continue reading »

NU(IS)ANCES Series by Palette Industries

Palette Industries debut their new Nuance / Nuisances product series. The group unveils the two new products from their studio collection, The Rudebaker Vase and the Nanton Coat Rack; they will be debuting the pieces at the 2012 Toronto Interior Design Show.

“Nanton Coat rack” (Chromed hand welded steel with hardwood maple knobs).

Regarded as an eyesore by some, transmission towers have now become a staple of cascading highway horizons. These steel modern day obelisks scattered amongst our natural landscape have become symbols of transmission and connection. From city to city these queues of tapered giants tower above us with outstretched arms, carrying the lifeblood of our modern cityscapes. The steel lattice design is the contrast of strength and visual airiness. Continue reading »