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Cosplay Competes with Nature as an Attraction at Morikami’s Hatsume Fair

The Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden, usually an oasis of tranquility in the hectic busyness of South Florida, assumed a different character this weekend, as an estimated 13,000 people turned out for the 33rd annual Hatsume Fair, a celebration of spring and all things Japanese.

Talking groves of bamboo, cascading waterfalls and manicured bonsai trees were the featured attractions. But nature in subtle display was not the only wonder to behold this weekend. Strolling the grounds among the conventionally dressed visitors were hundreds of people taking part in cosplay, short for costume play, a form of performance art in which participants wear the dress of their favorite fictional characters, including those from Japanese anime.

Mike Clary/The Sun-Sentinel, J. Gwendolynne Berry/The Palm Beach Post
Photography by J. Gwendolynne Berry/The Palm Beach Post

ENA MULLEN, 15, of Pembroke Pines plays Gumi from Vocaloid. “Gumi is usually shown as this very small, very shy child. But with this music video I kinda like it because it shows her bold, daring side and I can kind of relate to it because I’m always known as the really really shy one at school, but when I dress in this Cosplay I feel like I can actually be myself and show who I really am.” Continue reading »