This Russian Flying Kamikaze Tesla Car Is Real And Waiting For The Passengers

Today, many think about the future of vehicles. Many concept cars are engineered. The prototypes of the most bizarre design appear regularly in sci-fi films and video games. This amazing creation comes from the Russian city of Almetyevsk. It’s a flying car. Continue reading »

Meet The NY Taxi Driver Who Moonlighted As A Photographer And Captured His Passengers For 20 Years In Some Very Candid Shots

Candid photographs reveal New York City taxicab passengers, which were taken by their driver. Continue reading »

Transforming Subway Passengers Into Renaissance Paintings


The British photographer Matt Crabtree is having fun transforming stolen photographs of subway passengers in London into beautiful Renaissance paintings. These portraits are created with a simple smartphone, used for shooting but also for editing. This amazing project entitled 16th Century Tube Passengers brings out the beauty from these mundane everyday scenes, capturing poses and looks with a certain poetry. Continue reading »

Airport Offers Dog Therapy to De-Stress Passengers

A therapy dog wears a Superman Halloween costume as part of a program to de-stress passengers at the international boarding gate area of LAX airport in Los Angeles, California, United States, October 27, 2015. (Photo by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)
Continue reading »

Artist Turns Train Passengers Into Funny Characters With His Doodles

Illustrator and Twitter user October Jones has learned first hand how boring commuting by train can be. Thankfully, he’s found a hilarious way to keep himself (and the rest of us) entertained on his daily commute. I need to start doing this! Continue reading »

Plane from U.S. Crash-Lands in Poland with 230 Passengers Aboard

A Boeing 767 of Polish LOT airlines makes an emergency landing at Warsaw airport on November 1. The plane en route from Newark with 230 people onboard made an emergency landing in Warsaw airport on Tuesday. No passengers were hurt, Polish media reported. (Peter Andrews / Reuters) Continue reading »

Waiting for the Passengers

A tuk tuk driver awaits passengers outside the art and culture centre, Bangkok.