Stunning Entries of The 2021 Perpignan’s Festival of Photojournalism

The 33rd Visa pour l’image photojournalism festival is taking place this year in Perpignan in the south of France despite notable absences linked to the Covid crisis and world conflicts.

The organisers of the international festival which opens on Saturday 28 August and will run until 26 September, are announcing a total of 25 photo exhibitions spread around the city centre of Perpignan, as well as screenings.

A Covid health pass will be required to see the exhibitions and the screenings will be held every evening at the Campo Santo and the municipal theatre with a limited capacity, but also on the Internet.

There will be no American or British exhibitors at this 2021 edition.

“Sea Ice Stories”. Inuit subsistence hunting traditions in the north of Baffin Island, Canada. In a time of rapid climate and cultural change, family camping trips to ancestral hunting grounds are an important way for the young people of Nunavut to remain connected with the land and their culture, and to learn skills and values from their elders that will prepare them to be leaders and providers in their communities. (Photo by Acacia Johnson/Visa pour l’Image) Continue reading »