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Two Sisters Create Wearable Handmade Art From Polymer Clay


According to an artist Patrícia Santos:”Working with my sister has been the best of my adventures! We are from Portugal and we both share a great passion for Art (we are self-taught artists) and a talent for sculpting with polymer clay and painting (with acrylics), so we decided to start working together and create one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. Continue reading »

Clay Artist Creates Incredible Polymer Movie Posters and Paintings


Lizzie Campbell is a clay artist and illustrator who has a passion for creating “paintings” based on her favorite films. Her favorite genre to work with is horror, but her child-friendly style often leads to intriguing results. Lizzie has many ideas for future paintings and suspects that most of them will be inspired by horror films. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Whimsical Fantasy Sculptures With Polymer Clay


According to Michelle Petersen: “I sculpt whimsical fantasy sculptures, figurines, and, depending on the season, holiday ornaments with polymer clay and acrylic paint. Continue reading »