Japan’s Bombastic Street Style Puts New York Fashion Week To Shame

New York-based photographer Thomas C. Card spent months in the depths of Japan’s hyper-fashionable nether regions, documenting the eye-opening variety of styles found on the streets of Tokyo in 2012. From neon wigs to reappropriated Victorian garb to gas masks as accessories, he found a plethora of fashion identities that flourished in the year after the country’s devastating earthquake and tsunami. Continue reading »

Photographer Puts Everyday “Selfies” to Shame, Part 2


A photographer has shot this series of scenic selfies – scaling freezing mountain tops to snap himself in front of stunning scenery. Paul Zizkas (previously) breath-taking work features himself in front of beautiful backdrops such as shimmering lakes, snowy mountains and vibrant auroras. He has travelled to a number of different locations worldwide including Canada, New Zealand, Niue the South Pacific and French Polynesia. Explorer Paul, from Banff, Alberta, Canada, saw his selfies go viral early in 2014 – and has now unveiled his latest work. He said: I find that sometimes including a person in a landscape scene adds to the photograph – that it conveys a different story. Here: lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Continue reading »

Photographer Puts Everyday “Selfies” to Shame

These are the stunning shots of one photographer who is putting everyday “selfies” to shame. Paul Zizka, 34, began experimenting with night photography just two years ago and immediately became fascinated with the spectacular scenes he discovered. Continue reading »