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Frame and Glory: Artist Captures Improvised Goalposts Around the World

Villa Hayes, Paraguay
Neville Gabie/Courtesy of the Design Museum, London

Artist Neville Gabie admits that photographing goalposts is an obsession. “I walk the streets in an unknown town with a single focus: where do people play?” Continue reading »

This Soccer Team’s Angry-Faced Mascot Will Haunt Your Every Waking Moment

Getty Images

The Scottish soccer team Partick Thistle has a mascot, and it’s caused quite a stir on social media. The mascot was designed by artist David Shrigley and was unveiled Monday after the Scottish team signed a new six-figure sponsorship deal with the California-based company Kingsford Capital Management. Continue reading »

A Black Cat Interrupted A Football Match And Unsurprisingly Refused To Leave

Over the weekend, the Premier League match between Everton and Wolverhampton Wanderers had a short delay as a black cat had wandered onto the pitch – and refused to leave.

The game, which took place at Goodison Park in Liverpool, saw the four-legged spectator wandering around the goal and sidelines. The crowd looked on in delight as none of the players or officials even tried to chase away the feline. Perhaps they all forgot their laser pointers and balls of yarn? Continue reading »

Brazil Soccer Calendar by Tim Tadder

A 2014 Soccer Calendar, inspired by the World Cup, and commissioned by a beer company (we can’t provide client info) featuring women doing the 12 most famous moves in soccer. Tim Tadder traveled around Brazil shooting the backgrounds and collaborated with the talented Mike Campau to blend the scenes together to create a truely unique set of images.
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Those Crazy World Cup Soccer Fans

A Chile soccer fan poses for a photograph in his Chile flag glasses before the start of his team’s World Cup match with Australia at the Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba, Brazil, Friday, June 13, 2014. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis) Continue reading »

Brazil Soccer Fan Tattoos

Tattoos are widely popular in Brazil, where the beach culture and tropical climate make it an ideal place to show off body art. Everybody under age 30 seems to have something etched into their bodies. Now with the World Cup just days away, soccer tattoos are everywhere.

In this May 17, 2014 photo, soccer fan Carlos Eduardo poses for a photo showing his Botafogo’s tattoos in Petropolis, Brazil. The Lone Star (Estrela Solitária) is currently present in Botafogo’s flag and crest. The Lone Star is one of the most important symbols of Botafogo’s football team. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)
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Monkeys Play Soccer at the London Zoo

The Bolivian squirrel monkeys played with a toy soccer ball as photographers snapped away at the London Zoo in England on August 18. The zoo has a total of 22 squirrel monkeys, with 5 babies having been born in 2011. Male monkey Bounty has fathered eleven baby monkeys in the last three years since his arrival, enough to make up a football team. His latest offspring named Rolo was the eleventh and arrived last month. (Ben Stansall / AFP – Getty Images) Continue reading »

Soccer Parental Control

Ogilvy & Mather Sao Paulo created a Firefox App: a “Soccer Parental Control” to help fathers to protected their beloved sons from teams that they hate ;)