Artist Creates Intricately Patterned Artworks by Delicately Stitching Colourful Threads Into Leaves

American artist Hillary Waters Fayle creates intricately patterned artworks by delicately stitching colourful threads into leaves. “I want this work to ask people to slow down and think about this leaf – what beauty can be achieved when working with care.” She collects the leaves from her yard or from parks and maps out the design on each one before stitching. Continue reading »

A Russian Artist has been Busy Stitching a Teddy Bear out of Meat

Stitched together with chicken skin and stuffed with who-knows-what, this terrifying teddy will very likely put those with even the most hardened stomachs off their Christmas dinner. A picture of the festive creation, likened to a Frankenstein’s monster of the toy bear world, has gone viral on Twitter after it emerged yesterday. Continue reading »