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Artist Rainier Weber Designs Unique Gold-Plated AK47 Chair From Real Rifles

Artist Rainier Weber was reading a book about a book about Michail Kalashnikov when inspiration struck and he combined his interests in design, technology and functionality with his love for furniture design to create a dramatic chair made up of AK-47 rifles. Continue reading »

Joel Weber’s Tiny House Will Help Him Save At University of Texas In Austin

A college student who will be returning to the University of Texas in Austin for his junior year this fall is hoping his miniature home will help him save big on housing fees and keep him out of debt.

Joel Weber’s 145-square-foot home will help him avoid paying rent for an apartment or on-campus dorm and save him from two years of roommate aggravation… priceless. With rent costing upwards of $800 a month near campus, the 25-year-old’s new home will save him about $19,200 while he finishes school and could help him conserve cash after graduation as well.


Joel Weber is hoping his 145-square-foot home will help him avoid paying rent for a college apartment or dorm. Continue reading »