Green Villa by MM Architects

Green Villa with Clean Lines and Open Spaces - InteriorZine
This house is a bold experimentation with the merger of austere and clear lined contemporary architecture and the vivid greenery of the surrounding natural giving’s. The MM Architects had undertaken the challenge of reconstructing preexisting house with its limited space and circumstances into open-spaced, full with light modern premise that connects elegantly with the nature and the rich plant life of the country.

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Refurbished Tribeca Loft Originally Built in 1884, New York City, US

Tribeca Loft

Andrew Franz Architect was the firm to renovate the top floor of a warehouse originally built in 1884. The result is impressive trying to connect fully the indoors and outdoors of the loft. It has also a terrific view of the sea. The loft is available for sale. Even if this asset is off budget anyone could have a dream of acquiring it. Enjoy.

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Publikus Restaurant by Minusplus

Publikus Restaurant by Minusplus

Designed in 2013 by Minusplus, this industrial restaurant is situated in Budapest, Hungary.

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Deepwell House by H3K Design

Deepwell House by H3K Design

This midcentury residence situated in Palm Springs, California was completely redesigned by H3K Design.

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$95 Million Park Avenue Apartment in Manhattan, New York City


The penthouse apartment is located at 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan, one of the world’s most premiere addresses. The building, designed by famed architect Rafael Vinoly, rises 1396 feet high, making it the highest residential building in the Western hemisphere.

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Beach House by Herbst Architects

Beach House by Herbst Architects

The Castle Rock Beach House designed in 2014 by Herbst Architects is located in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Juliette Aux Combles by L. McComber Ltée

Juliette Aux Combles by L. McComber Ltée

Located in Montreal, Canada, this 1880 residence was completely redesigned by L. McComber Ltée.

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Two Wooden Twins House by MoDus Architects

MoDus Architects has completed the beautiful two wooden twins house in South Tyrol in northern Italy. The architect say that perched along a ridge on the outskirts of the historic city-center, the house splits into two volumes that overlook the valley just beyond Castelrotto. The two wooden twins, joined at the hip and stilted above a concrete base contain the living quarters, while the artist’s gallery and double-height atelier are located below.

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Holy Cross House by Thomas Balaban Architecte

Holy Cross House by Thomas Balaban Architecte

Designed just recently by Thomas Balaban Architecte, this 3,229 sq ft detached house is located in Montreal, Canada.

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Former Monastery Turned into Modern Art Hotel

Ancient Monastery Transformed Into a Magnificent Hotel and Restaurant - InteriorZine
This astonishing place has been, in its time; Saint-Lazare priory, a hospital and a hospice for nuns before becoming a hotel and restaurant in the 1980s. The designers Agence Jouin Manku – whose past projects include the lounge in Munich’s Bayerischer Hof hotel, – had undertaken a serious task – to introduce modern and dynamic approach in designing a place with rich history and full spirit.

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Kibbutz House by Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design

Kibbutz House by Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design

Designed in 2014 by Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design, this modern single family house is located in Lohamei HaGeta’ot, Israel.

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Residential House by GYZA

Residential House by GYZA

This contemporary 2,432 sq ft residence is situated near Vilnius, Lithuania. It was designed in 2014 by GYZA.

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Modern Home in Bangkok

Square, Modern Style House in Bangkok - InteriorZine
The architects from Ayutt and Associates design faced few challenges regarding the small site and the owner desire for large green area, the conjunction of contemporary and traditional architectural language and the creation of strong memorable character for a functional house. But in the end the result is modern, luxury home with an architectural reference to traditional Thai minimalism and clear lined structures.

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BUS stop in Baltimore

BUS stop in Baltimore - three huge letters - www.homeworlddesign. com (3)
BUS is a bus stop in Baltimore, USA, in which we find the letters B, U and S as some large sized sculptures. Each letter has 14 meters high and 7 meters wide. These huge letters are actually the space where you expect the bus to arrive, but also, they are a mean of recreation and entertainment. BUS is made of wood and steel, materials usually used for urban furniture. The three letters of BUS are large enough to accommodate four people each, to protect them from sun, rain or wind.

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Modern Desert House Levin Residence

Ibarra Rosano Design Architects has designed a modern desert house, Levin Residence in Dove Mountain, Marana, Arizona. The architect say that emanating from the challenges of the site, an ethic of building with minimal disruption to the natural environment, and the client’s brief – the Levin Residence results in three simple volumes hovering quietly above the desert floor.

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