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Glamorous Girls Illustrated by Rolf Armstrong in The Early 20th Century

Rolf Armstrong 1

American commercial artist and illustrator Rolf Armstrong (1889–1960) was known for his glitzy portrayals of women. His calendar designs and magazine covers are what made him most famous. Continue reading »

A Glimpse into the Mind of Yiiokii, Where Chaos and Creativity Collide in Harmony


Sam, also known as Yiiokii, is a 24-year-old creative director and visionary artist from Montreal who is renowned for his surreal and inventive works of art. Continue reading »

Meet OOO-ing Studios, the Taiwanese Hair Salon that Breaks Stereotypes of Beauty

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Located in Taichung, Taiwan, OOO-ing Studios is revolutionizing the hair salon industry. Led by the innovative trio Light Lou, May Wang, and Wesley Wei, they’re redefining beauty standards with their neon-infused, avant-garde hair designs. Continue reading »

Jiyai Li’s Neon Soaked Still Life Illustrations


The 80’s inspired Outrun aesthetic, known for its vibrant sex appeal reminiscent of Miami Vice, is brilliantly captured and enhanced by Parisian artist and graphic designer Jiyai Li. Continue reading »

Exploring the Ethereal Beauty of John Anster Fitzgerald’s Fairy Paintings

Fairies In A Bird’s Nest

John Anster Fitzgerald, known as “Fairy Fitzgerald,” was a prominent Victorian fairy artist, celebrated for blending natural and supernatural elements in his work. Continue reading »

The Superb Dystopian Illustrations by Mad Kobra


The Dominican Republic-based artist Mad Kobra, also going by Pedro Carvajal, mixes vibrant colors, gritty textures, and bold lines to create amazing cyberpunk works of art. Continue reading »

This Illustrator Uses Cloud Shape To Create Funny Illustrations

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Do any people still have dreams? You have come to the correct place if you are someone who frequently gets lost in thought or who likes to look up at the sky and maybe even imagines that those puffy, fluffy clouds look like something familiar. Continue reading »

Designer George Bokhua Creates Stunning Minimalist Graphic Signs and Logotypes


Illustrator and graphic designer George Bokhua is based in New York and is well-known for his minimalist design aesthetic. He has become well-known for his minimalist and contemporary approach to design, frequently using strong typography, straightforward shapes, and a small number of colors in his works. Continue reading »

Artist Captures The Beauty Of Everyday Life In Adorable Minimalist Illustrations


Introducing Sergio Duce, a minimalist illustrator whose images could give you delightful ideas for your work. Continue reading »

Artist Encourages People To Accept And Understand Strong Feelings Through Adorable Character Illustrations

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Artist Yasemin Demirel has sketched out powerful emotions encountered daily, such as anxiety, loneliness, feeling overwhelmed, and fear, as adorable characters. Continue reading »

Capturing the Essence of Industrial Elegance in French Poster Art by René Ravo


René Ravo, born in 1904 in Étampes, France, emerged as a prominent French poster designer and illustrator despite a challenging start. Continue reading »

The Vibrant World of Urban Expression and Large Scale Murals & Street Art by Tirso Paz


Tirso Paz, known artistically as Bublegumsr, is an influential Barcelona-based muralist whose work masterfully combines expressive portraiture with dynamic graffiti styles, resulting in breathtaking large-scale artworks. Continue reading »

Amazing Early 20th-Century Optical Illusion Skull Postcards

Skull Optical Illusion Postcard 1

Early in the 20th century, optical illusion skull postcards were hugely popular throughout Europe. Continue reading »

Dynamic Neon Illustrations by Pawel Nolbert


Pawel Nolbert, an artist based in New York, is working on a new series called “Intentional,” in which he manipulates his signature paint illustration style and treats it like a tangible, spatial physical object. Continue reading »

The Superb ‘Dissected’ Oil on Canvas Paintings by Luis Pedro Picasso


Uruguayan painter Luis Pedro Picasso crafts unique art pieces that portray dissected figures, rendered in oil on canvas. His artistic approach blends surrealistic elements with a captivatingly eerie flair. Continue reading »

Vintage Ads and Celebrities’ Glamour on These Classic Vespa Scooters


The Vespa scooter, a symbol of style and functionality, was born in 1946 in post-war Italy out of a desperate need for affordable and efficient transport. Continue reading »

Brolga’s Travel Series: Fun Characters Doodled in Streets and Cityscapes


Color adds excitement to cities, and Australian artist Brolga captures this vibrancy through his unique art. He creatively infuses his travel photos with bright, doodled characters, starting this project in 2016 to give more life to his travel memories. This idea grew, incorporating his friends’ and professional photographers’ travel images worldwide. Continue reading »

Artist Draws Attention to Pervasive Sexism by Putting Men in Women’s Shoes

Illustrations Reversed Gender Roles 1 65b0dbc33ee7e 700

During the 2020 lockdown, Lainey Molnar began sharing her experiences as a woman through art, gaining acclaim and over a million social media followers. Continue reading »

Pictures of Noah’s Ark That Are Completely Real — If They Happened Today


The classic cosmic do-it-yourself project, Noah’s Ark, is probably well known to all of you. In it, God tells Noah to “build a giant ark, grab two of every animal, and let’s turn this planet into a giant water park.” But what if this tale involved a common man who was having financial difficulties today? Continue reading »

Bizarre And Creepy Portrait Photo Collages by Phillip Kremer


The bizarre, warped picture collages of various well-known and lesser-known individuals by Houston artist Phillip Kremer may disturb you, but you also may find it impossible to look away. Continue reading »

Capturing Essence and Emotion: Jinsung Lim’s Photorealistic Portraiture


South Korean artist Jinsung Lim primarily uses Procreate to craft highly realistic and emotionally rich portraits. Continue reading »

Frank Auerbach’s Early Charcoal Portraits Look Deep Into Human Life


German-British painter Frank Auerbach repeatedly sketched his sitters for this series of large-scale charcoal portraits created between 1956 and 1962, erasing the image after each session until only a ghostly outline remained. Continue reading »

This Artist Brings Dying Art of Book Fore-Edge Painting into the Limelight


Maisie Matilda, a 24-year-old UK artist, has gained acclaim for reviving the rare art of book fore-edge painting. Continue reading »

Adaptable: Twisted Vehicles by Marco Segovia


Marco Segovia, an artist based in Barcelona, is expanding the creative horizons with his “Adaptable” series. These distorted vehicles in this collection of digital artworks are flexible and contorted so they blend in perfectly with their surroundings. Continue reading »

Incredible Graphic Posters Designed by Leo Marfurt in the 1920s and ’30s

Leo Marfurt 1

Swiss-Belgian commercial artist Leo Marfurt was born in Aarau in 1894 and moved to Belgium in 1921, where he married in 1922. Continue reading »