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Unearthing Urban Artifacts with Andrey Syaylev’s Architectural Explorations


Single-type panel buildings, an iconic symbol of urban landscapes, hold a special place in the cultural fabric of many cities. These seemingly gloomy blocks of five-story buildings, with their warm yellow kitchen lights, floral curtains, and balconies brimming with life, have become more than just structures. They are artifacts, a testament to the passage of time, and have become a source of inspiration for contemporary creative practices. Continue reading »

Metamorphosis in Motion: Unveiling the Mysteries of Andreas Senoner’s Sculptural Creations


Andreas Senoner, a Florence-based sculptor, creates intricate mixed-media sculptures that capture the essence of transformation. His works depict human figures frozen in mysterious states of metamorphosis, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between individuals and their ever-evolving contexts. Continue reading »

From Sketch to Spectacle: Exploring the World of Miniature Paper Birds by Nayan and Vaishali


Birds have always held a special place in the hearts of nature enthusiasts, captivating us with their vibrant plumage and graceful flight. However, in today’s rapidly changing world, the survival of many bird species is under threat. In an effort to raise awareness and protect these delicate creatures, Nayan and Vaishali, gifted paper cut artists from India, have taken up their brushes and scissors to create an extraordinary collection of bird species through their mesmerizing miniature paper art. Continue reading »

Crafting Emotions through Clay: The Inspiring Work of Aman Khanna


Aman Khanna is a gifted artist and visual storyteller hailing from the bustling city of New Delhi, India. His unique creations are stunning clay sculptures that capture the essence of human emotions, interactions and experiences. Each one of his pieces tells a compelling story that resonates with people from all walks of life. Continue reading »

Ken Kelleher’s Digital Sculptures: Where Reality Meets Imagination


American sculptor Ken Kelleher (previously featured) creates awe-inspiring large-scale digital sculptures that seamlessly blend into real-life landscapes, be it streets, galleries, or small spaces. His creations are so realistic that they seem to come alive and transport the viewer to a whole new world. Continue reading »

Hungry for Love: The Vegetable Art Series That Celebrates True Love Stories Through Real-Life Kisses


Jolita Vaitkutė believes that love is as essential as food, and it transcends societal norms. Her series of vegetable art pieces, “Hungry for Love,” showcases true love stories through real-life kisses. Continue reading »

Beetles and Fear: The Inspirations Behind Julia Pilipchatina’s Work


Porcelain has a long and fascinating history, dating back to the 7th or 8th century in China. It wasn’t until the early 18th century that porcelain was first produced in Europe. The elegant surfaces and ornate designs of porcelain made it highly sought-after globally. Porcelain painting became an art form that emphasized numerous patterned layers of colorful glaze, transforming dinnerware and decorative vessels into canvases of intricate beauty. Continue reading »

Discovering the Beauty of Paper Art by Peter Callesen


Peter Callesen, a Danish artist from Mors, specializes in the intricate and mesmerizing art of paper cutting. Using only a single sheet of paper, he transforms it into breathtaking architectural sculptures, showcasing both miniature buildings and structures in states of ruin with incredible detail. Continue reading »

Exploring the Soulful Portraits of Alexandra Dillon’s Imagined Characters


Los Angeles-based artist Alexandra Dillon has taken the art of portraiture to new heights by painting imagined people on found objects. From rusty axes to vintage padlocks, Dillon lets the object itself inspire the personality of the character she creates. Continue reading »

Whimsical Animals Take Center Stage on Christina Sutton Painting’s Dinnerware


Montana-based artist Christina Sutton, known as Little Bird Painting, has taken ordinary dinnerware to the next level with her whimsical illustrations of animals. Sutton draws inspiration from the natural beauty of her surroundings, which she then incorporates into her charming artwork. Her designs are reminiscent of traditional printmaking techniques, featuring animals framed by a border of flora. Continue reading »

Teenager Teenager: A Bizarre and Captivating Art Installation


Collaborative Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu have created a unique installation that blurs the lines between reality and imagination. Teenager Teenager features human bodies dressed in fancy suits and evening gowns, lounging on leather sofas and chairs, but with giant boulders for heads. The strange situation evokes a sense of bewilderment in viewers, who are left to decipher a message concealed within the unusual arrangement. Continue reading »

Discovering the Distinctive Artistry of Daniel Arsham


Daniel Arsham, an American contemporary artist, creates unique pieces using various materials, including concrete, volcanic ash, and crystalized minerals. He is renowned for integrating images of abandoned objects from the past, such as discarded clothing, vintage cameras, and typewriters, into his artwork. Continue reading »

Breaking the Mold: Kira Goodey’s Exclusive and Outrageous Footwear


Kira Goodey is not your typical shoe designer. Her creations are not meant to blend in with the crowd; instead, they are meant to stand out and catch the eye of every passerby. Described by the designer herself as “outrageous,” Goodey’s shoes are a true work of art, transforming heels into surreal and unusual sculptures to wear. Continue reading »

Meet Maor Zabar, The Hat-Making Artist Who Brings Fantasy to Life


Maor Zabar is not your ordinary milliner. With over a decade of experience in hat-making, Zabar has become a true specialist in his field, renowned for his expertise and top-tier craftsmanship. His works are remarkable, capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts and art lovers alike. But what sets Zabar’s creations apart is their playful and imaginative style, which transforms his hats into miniature dioramas or scenes inspired by daily life. Continue reading »

Meet Elena Obando, The Costa Rican Artist Blending Tradition with Modernity


Elena Obando, also known as Saturno Rosa or Elo, is a talented artist from Costa Rica who creates beautiful works of art using a variety of materials. Her art encompasses oil pastel paintings, handmade jewelry, and most notably, contemporary embroidered portraits. Continue reading »

The Fusion of Surrealism and Renaissance in Roby Dwi Antono’s Superb Street Art


Indonesian artist Roby Dwi Antono has gained a reputation for his captivating art that merges classical Renaissance imagery with elements of surrealism. His paintings are characterized by smooth, rich brushstrokes that bring to life a world of symbolic icons, spaceships, dinosaurs, and human-like creatures. With each stroke of his brush, Dwi Antono creates a portal to a new universe, one that lives only in his imagination until it comes to life on canvas. Continue reading »

The Intersection of Tradition and Modernity: A Closer Look at Max Gärtner’s Wood Carvings


In the bustling city of Berlin, Max Gärtner is creating stunning works of art that merge traditional craftsmanship with modern design elements. Gärtner’s intricate wood carvings feature highly detailed depictions of animals and humans, showcasing his unparalleled level of precision and skill. Continue reading »

Exploring Life, Death, Spirituality, and Pop Culture through Artworks of Gina Kiel


Gina Kiel is a talented artist based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa (Wellington, New Zealand) who uses her art to explore the intricacies of the human experience. Her work features strong feminine images that exude sensuality and are characterized by flowing lines, bold minimal compositions, and a psychedelic palette. Continue reading »

The Artistic Magic of Margaret Scrinkl: How Paper Meets Pop Culture

Winnie The Pooh

Margaret Scrinkl is a talented paper artist who has found inspiration in the world of entertainment. In her own words, she describes herself as a “huge fan” of movies and TV shows, and she often immerses herself in various genres while crafting her unique paper art pieces. Continue reading »

Meet Desiree Palmen, The Artist Who Blends Humans into Their Surroundings


Dutch contemporary artist Desiree Palmen has gained worldwide recognition for her unique camouflage installations that explore human mimicry in urban environments. Her work is inspired by the installation of police surveillance cameras in dangerous areas of Rotterdam, and she uses clothes painted to match the background to reflect on the possibility of people dissolving or disappearing into their surroundings. Continue reading »

Nikea: Exploring the Conceptual Partnership Between Cult Brands


In recent times, there has been a surge in partnerships between cult brands, as evidenced by the Heinz and Absolute Vodka collaboration which resulted in a vodka sauce. The trend has continued with Victor Martens’ imaginative collaboration between Nike and Ikea, aptly named “Nikea.” Continue reading »

Surreal Floating Sculptures & Installations by Derya Ozparlak


Derya Ozparlak is a Canadian artist who delves into the complexities of the human experience through her multidisciplinary artwork. Graduating with a BFA in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Anadolu University in Turkey, Ozparlak has showcased her work across Canada and internationally in countries such as Italy and Spain. Continue reading »

Cassie Carey’s Creative Hair Masterpieces – Bold and Vibrant Hairstyles for the Bold and Daring


In today’s world, the availability of various vibrant hair colors has opened up a plethora of options for individuals to experiment with their looks. Cassie Carey, a hairstylist from New York, has leveraged this creative freedom to create stunning hairstyles that are unmatched in their uniqueness. Continue reading »

This Foodcraft Artist Makes Mind-Blowing and Bizarre 3D Cake Creations


Emilie Tosello is a renowned cake artist hailing from Nice, France, who has made a name for herself in the surreal world of 3D cakes. With over five years of experience as a cake designer, Tosello has created some of the most impressive and visually stunning cakes that are sure to leave you in awe. Her designs often draw inspiration from celebrities, movies, and TV shows, making her cakes not only delicious but also an artistic masterpiece. Continue reading »

Elevate Your Mirror Selfie Game with These Psychedelic Stained Glass Mirrors


The Bad Glass Shop is offering stunning and uniquely designed stained glass mirrors that can add an extra charm to your mirror selfies. Rachel Burnstein, the founder and artist behind these beautiful pieces, has a background in weaving and sculpture. Despite having no prior experience with stained glass, she ventured into this new form of artistic expression in 2019, leading to the establishment of the Bad Glass Shop in 2020. Continue reading »