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Leon Keer’s Anamorphic Street Art That Transforms Flat Surfaces into Realistic 3D Scenes

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Leon Keer is a Dutch artist who transforms flat surfaces into amazing 3D murals and street art. He uses perspective and optical illusions to make his artworks look realistic and immersive from a certain point of view. His work challenges the viewer to question their perception of reality. Continue reading »

In the Secluded Grandeur of Copenhagen’s Former Underground Water Reservoir, Japanese Architect Hiroshi Sambuichi Unfolds a Contemplative Installation Entitled ‘The Water’

Rasmus Hjortshøj/Instagram

Sambuichi transforms the Cisternerne into a light and shadow sanctuary, inviting visitors to an underground journey. The installation, photographed by Rasmus Hjortshøj, is ‘a journey through an underground sea of light and darkness’. Continue reading »

Using Pencil on Paper, Talented British Artist Steph Morris Creates Incredibly Lifelike Drawings of Iconic Sneakers


With pencil on paper, talented British artist Steph Morris creates amazing realistic drawings of iconic sneakers. She combines her love for shoes with her precise drawing skills, and turns these common fashion items into stunning visual artworks. Continue reading »

The Superb Typographic Design Works by Mario De Meyer


Mario De Meyer is a freelance graphic designer based in Ghent/Belgium who specializes in typography. He works on diverse projects from all over the world and has collaborated with clients like Adobe, Bloomberg, Fortune, Inc., Ogilvy & Mather, IBM, Wired, Henkel and more. Continue reading »

Beautiful Winning Images From The International Nature Photography Awards 2023

Photography is an art that captures moments in time, and the 2023 International Photography Awards (IPA) has showcased some of the most stunning nature images that touch the heart and reveal the beauty of the natural world.

The contest, known for honoring outstanding talent from all over the world, has announced its winners, presenting a visual treat that takes viewers to the most magical places on our planet.

3rd Place In Nature/Aerial/Drone: “Veins Of The Earth” By Robert Bilos
Winners International Nature Photo Awards 2023 1
“The rivers of Iceland run from the glaciers to the oceans, creating paths across the volcanic earth which look like the veins of the land when seen from the air. Continue reading »

“Family Portraits”: A Surreal and Melancholic Series by Inka and Niclas Lindergård

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Inka and Niclas Lindergård are a Swedish-Finnish artist duo who create art based on photography. They have been collaborating since 2007 and live in Stockholm, Sweden. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Environmental Photographer of the Year 2023

The winners of the 2023 Environmental Photographer of the Year (EPOTY) contest have been announced, showcasing two outstanding photos and four more category champions.

Environmental Photographer of the Year: “Black Soldier Fly Farming (I)” by Maurizio di Pietro
Environmental Photographer Of The Year Winners 01

The 16th edition of this competition, organized by CIWEM and WaterBear and supported by Nikon, MPB, and Arup, attracted entries from amateur and professional photographers from around 160 countries. Continue reading »

Vintage Photographs of People Riding Electric Scooters from The Beginning of The 20th Century


Electric scooters are a trendy and eco-friendly way of traveling around the city. They are used for commuting, studying, or leisure. However, few people know that electric scooters have a long history that dates back to the last century. In fact, electric scooters were first invented in 1915 and were used for various purposes, such as recreation, crime, and mail delivery. Continue reading »

Hilariously Cursed AI-Generated Images, As Shared By This IG Page


AI is a term that has been dominating the headlines for the last year or so. Some people think it will usher in a new era of computing, while others fear it will end civilization as we know it. These are extreme and exaggerated views, but AI is here to stay, at least for now. Continue reading »

“Art But Make It Sports”: Side-Splitting Comparisons Shared By This Instagram Page

“Oberon, Titania, And Puck With Fairies Dancing” By William Blake, 1786

If you are looking for a fun and creative way to compare athletes and artworks, you might want to check out this Instagram account. It has more than 88,000 followers who enjoy its witty and unexpected matches. Continue reading »

This Photographer Shows The Before And After Of His Instagram-Worthy Photos


In the world of Instagram, it’s easy to forget that there’s more to a photograph than just the final product. Ibor Edosa Victor, a talented photographer from Nigeria, has over 240K followers on Instagram, and one of the reasons for his popularity is his willingness to show the “behind the scenes” of his photoshoots. Continue reading »

Photographer Adds A Twist To Historical Images By Combining Them With Recent Ones To Show How Much Things Have Changed


Mark Hersch, an avid photographer since childhood, developed his passion for capturing images of people, places, and history from an early age. Starting with a Kodak Instamatic camera at age 10, he explored various subjects, from nature to inanimate objects. His interest in history deepened through visits to Revolutionary and Civil War-era sites during his upbringing in Boston and later Virginia. Continue reading »

The Neon World of Shawna X: A Digital Artist Who Dazzles Your Eyes


Shawna X creates colorful art that dazzles your eyes. She uses digital tools to make art that also explores space and motion, and she deals with topics like culture, creativity, and society. Her art is not boring or dull, but full of bright, neon colors that make you look. Continue reading »

Russian Designer Has Created a “Deflated Employee” – a Toy Accessory for The Office!


This toy is a burnout employee who doesn’t care about anything! It gets flat, but you can pump it up again! Ideal for the office chair! Continue reading »

Marvelous Winning Nature Photos Of NANPA’s 2024 Showcase

Birds: Best In Category – Anna’s hummingbird by Tim W. Oliver
Nanpa Photography Showcase Winners 01

The NANPA Showcase is a prestigious photo contest that celebrates the best nature photography of the year. The 2024 Showcase features 30 amazing photos in six different categories, each with a winner and three runners-up. These photos capture the beauty and diversity of nature, from birds and mammals to landscapes and conservation. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos Of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

Overall Winner: Air Guitar Roo by Jason Moore
Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Winners 01

A kangaroo playing air guitar won the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, a fun contest with 5300 entries from 85 countries. Continue reading »

Calligraphic Embroideries by Olga Kovalenko


Montenegro-based artist Olga Kovalenko uses embroidery and calligraphy to create stunning works of art. She stitches her fabric with skill and precision, making it look like expressive, ink-spattered calligraphy. She does not use random stains, but deliberate stitches to achieve this effect. Continue reading »

Nobody Has Ever Made A Map Like This Before: Every River Worldwide And Its Ocean Destination


Robert is an artist who makes maps with a twist. He uses his skills as a geographer and a GIS analyst to create colourful and artistic watershed maps that show how water flows on the planet. Continue reading »

Colorful Nonsense: Paintings Of Everyday Life, Common People, And Insignificant Stuff But Elevated


Lisa Vaccino is an art director at an advertising agency in Malmö, Sweden. On Instagram, she goes by @fredagvaccino, which means “Friday Vaccino”. That’s because Friday is the day she dedicates to her passion: painting. Continue reading »

Finally, The 2024 Fat Cat Art Calendar Is Here


A group of skilled Photoshop artists have been using their creativity and humor to enhance famous artworks by inserting a chubby orange cat into them. Continue reading »

Beautiful Portraits of Goldie Hawn With Her Iconic Short Hairstyle in the 1960s

Goldie Hawn Short Hair 1

Goldie Hawn, known for her stunning long hair today, sported a transformative pageboy cut in the 1960s that enhanced her look. Continue reading »

Two Women Demonstrate How to Turn This Sidecar in to a Small Caravan With Two Beds in 1958

Motorcycle Sidecar Camper 1

In 1958, in the heart of the British summer, two women embarked on a unique weekend adventure in the UK, as captured in these extraordinary photographs. The images depict the duo on a motorbike with a sidecar, which they ingeniously convert into their overnight accommodation. Continue reading »

Stunning Futuristic Wooden Furniture Objects by Alphawood


Alphawood, a company based in Ukraine, is dedicated to crafting furniture that is not only comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but also eco-friendly and smart. Continue reading »

Polina Nol’s Mixed Media Sculptures Serve as Portals to A Magical Universe Where the Mundane Intersects with The Extraordinary

Polina.n0l 367432667 9738703299537034 8362886810893263895 N

Georgian-born Polina Nol is an artist and illustrator who skilfully constructs enchanting mixed-media sculptures. She uses a variety of materials, including steel wire, polymer clay, faux fur, acrylic and glitter, to bring to life fantastical creatures that seem to emerge from the realm of fairy tales. Continue reading »

In 1974 Manga Artists Celebrate The Exorcist’s Arrival in Japan


The manga adaptation of The Exorcist by Kazuo Umezu was featured in the July 7th, 1974 issue of Shonen Sunday, just a week prior to the film’s release in Japan and six months after its US premiere in December 1973. Shonen Sunday, a weekly shonen manga magazine, has been published in Japan by Shogakukan since March 1959. Continue reading »