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Beautiful Wildlife Winning Photos From The NBP International Awards 2023

Winner: Three White Rhinoceros, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Nanyuki, Kenya by Hector D. Astorga
Nature Best Photography Wildlife Awards 01

The 2023 Nature’s Best Photography (NBP) International Awards showcases exceptional wildlife photography from around the world. Photographers capture the stunning diversity and beauty of nature, offering us glimpses into the lives of wild creatures. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images Of The Ocean Photography Awards 2023

The Ocean Photography Awards, hosted by Oceanographic Magazine, recently announced their winners. These photographers not only showcase marine life but also highlight environmental issues. The 2023 contest featured nine categories, with 25-year-old marine biologist and amateur photographer Jialing Cai winning the Ocean Photographer of the Year. An exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum, showcasing all winning photographs, will run until May 2024.

Conservation (Hope) Photographer Of The Year, 1st Place Winner Sylvie Ayer
“I went to Florida with one dream: to capture beautiful images of manatees,” says Ayer. “With a local friend, we saw several manatees. The manatee in the picture came close to look at me and was suddenly perfectly positioned in front of the sun’s rays. I hope this photo helps raise awareness of the need to protect these mammals.” Continue reading »

Marjan van Aubel’s Creates Fantastic Solar-Powered Installation For Electric Lexus

Steve Benisty

Designer Marjan van Aubel, in collaboration with Lexus and Random Studio, created a unique installation at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami for Miami art week. Continue reading »

Breathtaking Winning Photos From The Northern Lights Photographer Of The Year 2023

“Storm Over Sukakpak” by Nickolas Warner
Northern Lights Photographer Of The Year Awards 01

The annual Northern Lights Photographer of the Year competition by Capture the Atlas reveals the most amazing aurora borealis or australis photos of the year. Capture the Atlas is a popular travel and photography blog that helps photographers improve their skills, especially in landscape and astrophotography. Continue reading »

Spectacular Aerial Winning Photos Of The Minimalist Photography Awards 2023

1st Place Winner: Bike Shadow by Francesco Luongo
Minimalist Aerial Photography Awards 01

The Aerial Photography category of the 2023 Minimalist Photography Awards showcases the winners who create simple yet powerful stories with their images. These awards honor the artists who use light, shadow, and subject to craft visual narratives without any clutter. Continue reading »

New Behind-The-Scenes Pics Of Famous Scenes From Pop Culture Animations By Andhika Muksin


Andhika Muksin returns with more Disney edits. He started a series in 2020 that reveals behind-the-scenes secrets of Disney movies. He makes funny and playful edits that show how different scenes are shot, where the actors are positioned, and how CGI is used. Continue reading »

Photographer Creates Portraits Of Adoptable Cats Living In Their Dream Houses


Kitty Schaub is a professional photographer who was recently hired by Paws of Hope, a cat rescue organization in Stevensville, MI. Continue reading »

The Instagram Account That Teaches You Finnish Language With A Twist

Suomidictionary 273035669 463336128587211 3907763881246475824 N

The Instagram account, which has over 20K followers, showcases the richness and humor of the Finnish language and culture. Continue reading »

Vintage Photographs of People Dressed Up in Christmas Tree Costumes

Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 1

Fashion is an integral part of the holiday season, from the classic and chic black dress, to the tacky sweaters, to the new outfits that we enjoy shopping for. Christmas fashion is as festive as turkey and eggnog. But some of these fashion choices are more curious than others. Continue reading »

Transient Beauty: David Popa’s Ephemeral and Site-Specific Earth Murals


David Popa is an American artist who transforms natural landscapes into stunning, immense murals that appear to animate the environment. Continue reading »

Finally, The 2024 “Goats In Trees” Calendar Is Here

Goats In Trees1

These goats may seem silly, but they are actually quite smart. They climb to the treetops where there is more vegetation in dry regions like Morocco. Their fun behavior is perfect for photography… and calendars! And that’s what someone did – they made a 2024 Goats In Trees Calendar. Continue reading »

Illustrations by Steffen Kraft that Invite People to Reflect on Themselves and The World Around Them


With more captivating and thought-provoking illustrations, ICONEO, also known as Steffen Kraft (previously here and here), returns. He invites people to reflect on themselves and the world around them through his work, which often addresses important environmental and social issues. Continue reading »

Meet Alicia Framis, The First Woman To Marry A Hologram

Photo 2023 12 04 18 10 38

Alicia Framis, an artist from Catalonia, will become the first woman in the world to marry an artificial intelligence. She is engaged to a hologram called AiLeix, with whom she has been living for several months. Continue reading »

Swooning, Screaming, Crying: Vintage Photographs of Teenage Fan Girls at Elvis Presley Concerts in the 1950s

Elvis Teenage Fans 1

In the mid-1950s, Elvis Presley’s concerts were marked by an unprecedented phenomenon: intense, loud screaming from female fans. This screaming was so overwhelming that it often drowned out Elvis’ singing, even making it difficult for his band to play. Scotty Moore, Elvis’ guitarist, humorously noted that they had to follow Elvis’ movements for cues since they couldn’t hear him. In 1957, Elvis had to cover his ears to hear his own voice. Continue reading »

An Art Installation by Ulrike Mohr Dedicated to The Theme of ‘Chiralität’ Stands at The Entrance to The MDC Berlin Campus

Photo 2023 12 03 16 45 25

The sculpture, creaated by Ulrike Mohr, is called ‘Chiralität’ and represents the enantiomers of carvone: (S)-(+)-Carvone smells like spicy cumin, while its mirror brother (R)-(-)-Carvone smells like sweet mint. In summer, both grow in the neighboring plant bed:) Continue reading »

Awkward Family Photos, Created by AI

Awkward Family Photos Ai1

Awkward family photos have a certain charm that people can’t resist. They offer a glimpse into the quirky and eccentric aspects of our everyday lives. Continue reading »

People’s Choice Shortlisted Photos Of Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2023

Tender Touch by Andy Parkinson
Wildlife Photographer People Choice Awards 01

The Natural History Museum in London has revealed the shortlist for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award, and voting is now open. Continue reading »

Heartbreaking Winning Photos of 2023 Photo Competition

Earth.Org is proud to have hosted the 2023 Global Wildlife & Natural World Photography Competition, and extends heartfelt gratitude to all participants. The event saw nearly 1,000 entries from photographers, conservationists, and nature enthusiasts worldwide, all driven by a love for the environment and a commitment to showcasing our planet’s natural splendor.

Here, we highlight the winners and runners-up, each image providing a striking insight into the human impact on the environment and wildlife, as well as the admirable efforts of individuals championing positive change.

Winner: ‘Best Environmental Photo’ and ‘Wildlife in Peril’ Categories (Amy Jones, United Kingdom)
Earth Org Photography Awards 01
“A young macaque monkey stares out from a small, empty cage at a zoo in Mae Rim, in Northern Thailand. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos From The International Wedding Photographer Of The Year 2023

Grand Winner: Tara Lilly, Canada
International Wedding Photographer Awards 01

Dive into the mesmerizing collection of award-winning snapshots from the 2023 International Wedding Photographer Of The Year competition. This prestigious event offers a unique opportunity for photographers worldwide to showcase their talent across a variety of categories. Continue reading »

Meet Osean, The Artist Who Creates a Parallel Futuristic Cyber Universe


The Internet is a wild and powerful beast that shapes our world and challenges us to keep up. Osean is an artist who dives into the complex and colorful pixel world of Oseanworld, a parallel cyber universe that connects his manga, music, and CGI creations. Continue reading »

Meet Burin Pong, A ‘Gaymer’ Transforming Queer Representation in Art and Gaming


Thailand’s lively culture and LGBTQ+ community are prominent, especially in Bangkok. However, legal protections for same-sex households are lacking. Continue reading »

Revolutionizing Taiwan’s Art Scene with Unique Badass Tattoo and Photography Fusion by Gladys


Gladys is a versatile artist from Taiwan who excels in photography and tattooing. Her work reflects her passion for the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, as well as her modern vision. Continue reading »

Finally, The 2024 Awkward Family Photos Calendar Is Here!

Awkward Family Photos1

This calendar showcases a collection of the most hilariously awkward family photos. From siblings sporting identical mullets to mother-daughter glamour poses, and even that eerie uncle in a Santa outfit, these images are so cringeworthy you’ll be compelled to gaze at them all year long! Continue reading »

When Vegetables Tell a Story: Exploring Allen Shaw’s ‘Killer’ Tomato Illustrations

Killer01 65662e37275af 700

Berlin-based illustrator Allen Shaw recently shared a unique experience that blends culinary moments with artistic inspiration. It all started with a routine kitchen task: cutting tomatoes. Continue reading »

Meet Giulia Rosa, The Artist Who Creates Intimate Illustrations of Modern Life


Art is a window to our souls, revealing our deepest feelings and thoughts. Sometimes, we meet artists who can capture these emotions so well that we feel a bond with them, as if they know us. Continue reading »