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The Superb Surreal Self Portraits by Liron Eini ⁠


If you’ve ever browsed Instagram, you might have encountered Liron Eini without realizing it. Her collaboration with Idan Barazani produced striking, dimensional photos of Eini as a vibrant red muse, quickly becoming iconic on the platform for their fresh, impactful blend of styles. Continue reading »

Meet Fabrice Yencko, The Tattoo Artist Who Blends Irezumi and Renaissance in Modern Artistry


French artist Fabrice Yencko is well-known in the art world for his versatile skills, which include writing, painting, graffiti, tattooing, and significant fashion partnerships, such as one with Supreme. Continue reading »

Clémentine Bal’s Charming Sculptures of Odd Beasts


I’m previously featured Clémentine Bal’s amazing work in a feature that you may remember if you have been following DYT. With her whimsical and endearing sculptures of creatures, each one as fascinating as the last, this French artist has never ceased to astound us. Continue reading »

Wonderful Images Of Birds And Wildlife From The Nature Photography Contest

Hide And Seek by Piet Van Den Bemd
Nature Photography Contest Winners 01

The best way to portray the splendor of nature is frequently with a camera, which can capture fleeting moments of breathtaking awe that immerse us in the middle of the wild. A stunning collection of images showcasing the unadulterated beauty of the natural world, featuring wildlife and birds, was revealed by the recent Nature Photography Contest. Continue reading »

Incredible Photos That Won In The Moon Category For The Year’s Best Astronomy Photographer

Winner: Mars-Set by Ethan Chappel
Moon Winners Astronomy Photographer 01

The moon has always been an enduring symbol of mystery and wonder, drawing people’s attention to the night sky. The moon, Earth’s celestial companion, frequently takes center stage in the annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, which features amazing photos of celestial phenomena. Continue reading »

Amazing Winning Images in the Sun Category for Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Winner: A Sun Question by Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau
Sun Photos Astronomy Photographer Winners 01

Every year, the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition presents amazing pictures of the universe to a global audience. Maybe none of the many amazing pictures of the Sun that astrophotographers have taken are as captivating as those of our nearest star. Continue reading »

Fascinating Photos Capture Street Carnival Revelers in Port of Spain, Trinidad in 1975


Port of Spain stands as the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago and ranks as its third-largest municipality, with only Chaguanas and San Fernando surpassing it in size. Situated along the Gulf of Paria on the northwest coast of Trinidad, it forms part of a vast urban area that extends from Chaguaramas in the west to Arima in the east. Continue reading »

Authentic Funny Leap Year Postcards From 1908

1908 Leap Day Postcard 1

Early 20th-century Leap Year postcards often featured gender stereotypes that are absurd in today’s world. For example, in this comic postcard series, women were depicted wielding guns, axes, dogs, nets, and traps to apprehend men, who could be readily enticed with food and beverages (such as beer, cheese, and pretzels) or cash. Continue reading »

This Artist Creates Delightful Illustrations Inspired by Architectural Images of The Present and Past

Adamkosik 343576614 547811754209568 6777439843073284905 N

Originally from the Netherlands, Adam Kosik studied landscape architecture and has been illustrating for a while. The values he aims to portray through his illustrations are those that he freely acknowledges were most inspired by architecture and the environment around man during his studies. Continue reading »

“How Do You Live?”: The Superb Illustrations by Julia Tveritina


Julia Tveritina, a well-known artist, was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1986. She holds a master’s degree from the National Academy of Arts (2011). Continue reading »

Unveiling Nature’s Influence on the Future of Footwear Design


ALIVEFORM, a Japanese brand known for its 3D-printed shoes, recently showcased their work at a Paris showroom and has continued to grow rapidly. Continue reading »

Photographer Made Action Shots Of Miniature Pop-Culture Character Figurines And Various Drinks

Andrea Toyphotography 308961106 2706705042797259 1536118663861435229 N

Andrea has been engaged in photography since her teenage years, exploring various genres such as nature, astro, landscape, and city photography. Around May 2020, she noticed she hadn’t used her camera for several months. During this period, to stay occupied, she rekindled her childhood passion for Lego. After assembling a few sets, she decided to photograph them. Continue reading »

This Artist Made An Epic Fantasy Diorama “The Flaming Gatekeeper”


According to an artist: “Hello, my name is Alisha, I’m a sculptor and I make dioramas. I also document the whole process on Youtube. Continue reading »

1951 Hoffmann: Among the Strangest Automobiles Ever Produced

1951 Hoffmann 2

Without a doubt, the Hoffmann is among the strangest vehicles ever produced. Its design is unlike anything else, so much so that it cannot be compared. Continue reading »

Glamorous Girls Illustrated by Rolf Armstrong in The Early 20th Century

Rolf Armstrong 1

American commercial artist and illustrator Rolf Armstrong (1889–1960) was known for his glitzy portrayals of women. His calendar designs and magazine covers are what made him most famous. Continue reading »

Stunning Photographs of The Airplanes Flying Low Over Hong Kong in the 1990s

Kai Tak Landing 1

Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong holds a legendary status in aviation history, known for its challenging approaches through the city’s skyscrapers and mountains into Kowloon Bay. Continue reading »

A Glimpse into the Mind of Yiiokii, Where Chaos and Creativity Collide in Harmony


Sam, also known as Yiiokii, is a 24-year-old creative director and visionary artist from Montreal who is renowned for his surreal and inventive works of art. Continue reading »

Meet OOO-ing Studios, the Taiwanese Hair Salon that Breaks Stereotypes of Beauty

318637313 472085518393502 6033433742787780441 N

Located in Taichung, Taiwan, OOO-ing Studios is revolutionizing the hair salon industry. Led by the innovative trio Light Lou, May Wang, and Wesley Wei, they’re redefining beauty standards with their neon-infused, avant-garde hair designs. Continue reading »

Jiyai Li’s Neon Soaked Still Life Illustrations


The 80’s inspired Outrun aesthetic, known for its vibrant sex appeal reminiscent of Miami Vice, is brilliantly captured and enhanced by Parisian artist and graphic designer Jiyai Li. Continue reading »

Creative Narratives from Moscow Soho: Nidgus’ Newest Doll Designs

Girl sauntering around the streets in the hope of ending up in front of the lens of paparazzi

The digital artist known as ‘Nidgus’ (previously featured) has unveiled a new series of unique dolls, capturing the essence of distinctive personalities found around Moscow’s upscale Patriarch’s Ponds neighborhood. Continue reading »

Exploring the Ethereal Beauty of John Anster Fitzgerald’s Fairy Paintings

Fairies In A Bird’s Nest

John Anster Fitzgerald, known as “Fairy Fitzgerald,” was a prominent Victorian fairy artist, celebrated for blending natural and supernatural elements in his work. Continue reading »

A Group of Artists Create an Amazing Project at The Merging of Photography and Cardboard Silhouettes


Visual artist Michal Zahornacky uses photography and the human form in his work. At the moment, he resides in Slovakia. Continue reading »

The Tallest Lego Minifigure in The World Was Unveiled at Legoland Windsor Resort

The tallest Lego minifigure in the world was unveiled at Legoland Windsor Resort (Berkshire, England), and her creators say kids will be able to literally “look up to” her. Continue reading »

The Superb Dystopian Illustrations by Mad Kobra


The Dominican Republic-based artist Mad Kobra, also going by Pedro Carvajal, mixes vibrant colors, gritty textures, and bold lines to create amazing cyberpunk works of art. Continue reading »

A Stunning Luxury Villa Is Created out Of a Boeing 737 Jet

Private Jet Villa Bali

Perched 150 meters above sea level on a Bali cliff, the Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens, converted from a Boeing 737, stands as a unique luxury accommodation. Continue reading »