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Hilarious Winning Photos From The Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2024

Overall Winner And Dog Category Winner: “Not Just For Cats” By Sarah Haskell
Comedy Pet Photography Awards Winners 2024 01

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2024 brought joy to pet lovers with a collection of hilarious and heartwarming images, including a grinning cat and a dog diving into a pool. Continue reading »

Spectacular Landscape-Winning Photos From The Monochrome Photography Awards

1st Place Winner: Dust-Laden Hooves: Saga of the Volcanic Riders by Mahendra Bakle (India)
Monochrome Photography Awards Landscape Winners 01

The Monochrome Photography Awards highlight the artistry of black-and-white photography, featuring this year’s stunning landscape-winning photos that capture nature’s ethereal beauty. The competition is now open for 2024 entries, inviting photographers to showcase their skills in portraying dramatic, timeless scenes through the interplay of light and shadow. Continue reading »

Capturing Intimacy: The Art of Kseniya Vashchenko


Kseniya Vashchenko, a Siberian-born photographer, creates evocative images that explore themes of human sexuality, intimacy, and vulnerability. Her work blends reality with surrealism, offering a unique perspective that challenges societal norms and provokes thought. Vashchenko’s photographs invite viewers to connect deeply with the subjects, reflecting on their own emotions and experiences. Continue reading »

Spectacular Underwater-Winning Photos From The 35 Photography Awards

1st Place Winner: “Dance with me” by Thien Nguyen Ngoc, Viet Nam
Underwater Photography 35 Awards Winners 01

The 35 Photography Awards have once again highlighted the stunning and surreal beauty of the underwater world, showcasing the exceptional skill of photographers who capture the vibrant and mysterious realms beneath the waves, reminding us of the importance of protecting these incredible marine ecosystems. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Analogue Photos of The 2023 International Photography Awards

3rd Place In Analog/Film/Landscape: “Sunkissed Hills” By Bernarda Nibera Conič

The 2023 International Photography Awards (IPA) featured amazing analog photography that enthralled audiences worldwide. We enter the magical world of analog photography with these stunning fine art, landscape, and portrait winners. Continue reading »

Beautiful Photos of Sharon Tate Taken by Orlando Suero in 1966


Born in 1925 in New York, photographer Orlando Suero began his journey with a Kodak Jiffy camera in 1939. Continue reading »

Specracular Winning Photos From The Black & White Minimalism Photography Awards 2024

Photo by Nina Papiorek
Minimalism Black And White Awards 01

The Black and White Minimalism Photography Awards 2024 showcased a remarkable collection of winning photos that epitomize minimalistic art through their simplicity, monochrome beauty, and powerful storytelling, highlighting the photographers’ skill in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Continue reading »

Lost & Found: Insightful Photos Discovered in a Thrift Store and Their Unbelievable Beginnings


In 2015, Meagan Abell discovered medium-format negatives in a Richmond, Virginia thrift store, featuring two unidentified young women. Continue reading »

Photographer Mikel Roberts Captured Liv Tyler When She Was 20 Years Old In 1997

Liv Tyler Photographed By Mikel Roberts 1

The 1990s wouldn’t be complete without Liv Tyler’s greatest fashion. At 14, she switched from modeling to acting and became Hollywood’s sweetheart. Continue reading »

Amazing Winning Photos Of The 2024 World Sports Photography Awards

Football Winner: “Cristiano Ronaldo Odyssey” by Marcelo Guelber Goes
World Sports Photography Awards 2024 01

The 2024 World Sports Photography Awards have highlighted the incredible talent of photographers worldwide, presenting 24 stunning category-winning photos that capture the essence of sports with breathtaking detail and emotion. Continue reading »

Spectacular Outstanding Shortlist Images From Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2024

A Night with the Valkyries by Jose Miguel Picon Chimelis
Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2024 Shortlists 01

The Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2024 competition has united the world’s top astrophotographers, showcasing stunning cosmic images that highlight their exceptional skill and creativity. Continue reading »

This Korean Artist Imagines Herself as The Real-Life Cyber Doll


Ji Soo aka EZ, merges technology with art in a fresh and personal way, using herself as a canvas to blend digital and physical elements. Continue reading »

Spectacular Portrait-Winning Photos From AAP Magazine Awards

Winner: “Revisiting Beauty” by Aline Smithson (United States)
Aap Magazine Portraits Winners 01

AAP Magazine is delighted to announce the winners of its Portrait Photography Competition. Continue reading »

The Photoshop Masterpieces Created By James Fridman That Take Requests To An Entirely New Level

Photoshop Guy James Fridman Best All Time 66754b3ebf32c 700

James Fridman is a British graphic designer known for his hilarious and literal interpretations of photo editing requests. Continue reading »

Spectacular Black And White-Winning Photos From The 35 Photography Awards

1st Place: “Single Tusker” by Haarish Mohammed, India
Black And White Winners 35 Awards 01

The 35 Photography Awards recently showcased a stunning collection of black-and-white pictures that have captivated audiences around the world. These remarkable photographs, which won in a variety of categories, demonstrate the eternal allure and powerful impact of monochrome photography. Continue reading »

Award-Winning Photos From The 2024 Audubon Bird Photography Awards

Grand Prize: Mathew Malwitz
Audubon Photography Awards Winners 01

The 2024 Audubon Bird Photography Awards have once more featured some of the most amazing bird photography from all across the world. Continue reading »

Spectacular Nature-Winning Photos From The GDT Photographer Of The Year 2024

“Flag tree” by Marte Engelbrecht
Gdt Nature Landscapes Winners 01

The Society of German Nature Photographers (Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen, GDT) has named its prestigious Photographer of the Year 2024 winner. Continue reading »

“Sensorial Self-Portraits”: The Creatively Bizarre Photo Works Of Edu Monteiro

Edu Monteiro1

There is practically nothing Edu Monteiro would not cover his head for a self-portrait. He refers to this series as “Sensorial Self-Portraits”. Continue reading »

“Reimagined Landscapes: Iceland”: Fantastic Dreamscape Photos by Attila Ataner

Dreamscapes Of Iceland A Photographic Journey Through Time And Memory By Attila Ataner 665acce4caf50 700

All About Photo presents “Reimagined Landscapes: Iceland” by Attila Ataner, an online exhibition running through June 2024. This collection features fourteen stunning photographs from his series. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos From The 1839 Color Photography Awards

1st Place: “Unsupervised” by Alexandrena Parker
1839 Color Photography Awards Winners 01

The 1839 Color Photography Awards have once again released a breathtaking collection of winning images that capture the world’s beauty and complexity with brilliant colors and skillful compositions. Continue reading »

Breathtaking Macro-Winning Photos From The 35 Photography Awards

1st Place: Photo by Dzulfikri, Indonesia
Macro Photography 35 Awards Winners 01

The world of macro photography offers a captivating glimpse into the hidden beauty that often goes unnoticed by the naked eye. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Images Of The United Nations World Oceans Day Photo Contest 2024

Awaken New Depths: Winner by Renee Capozzola (USA)
World Oceans Day Photo Contest Winners 01

To mark World Ocean Day 2024 on June 8, Dive Photo Guide announced the winners of its 11th annual photo competition. Continue reading »

Meet Luigi Lineri, The Wealthy Collector Of River Stones Who Has Amassed An Enormous Collection Over The Course Of The Past Half-Century


For over 50 years, Luigi Lineri has collected and categorized stones from the Adige River in Northern Italy by shape—human profiles, animal heads, tools, and more. Continue reading »

This Artist Creates One-of-a-kind Pieces Of Art By Combining Photography With Embroidery

[image] 1507888

Hand embroidery and photography are two of Katia Herrera’s favorite hobbies, and she is a fiber artist who has taught herself the craft. Continue reading »

Vintage Photographs of People Using the Card Catalog at the Library in the 1970s


Before computers, librarians organized book information on cards filed in card catalogs. Each book had multiple cards with details like title, author, and subject, filed alphabetically for easy searching by patrons. Catalogers created this human-made metadata. Continue reading »