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Beautiful Black and White Photos of Milla Jovovich and Harry Dean Stanton at Mojave Desert, California, 1990

Milla Jovovich Harry Dean Stanton 1

Milla Jovovich and Harry Dean Stanton photographed by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Paris, 1990. Continue reading »

You Will Never Find a Stranger Family Photo Album Than This One


William Josephs Radford’s art series redefines family portraiture by moving away from traditional, idealized images towards a more complex and realistic exploration of family dynamics. Continue reading »

The Aesthetic Alarm: ‘Plastic Ocean’ Series as a Catalyst for Environmental Change

Staudinger Franke 42607284 268683407116711 6094531801507398600 N

The “Plastic Ocean” series, crafted by the Austrian studio Staudinger + Franke, showcases a powerful visual narrative aimed at highlighting the urgent need to protect our oceans from plastic pollution. Continue reading »

Superb Macro Photos From Garden Photographer Of The Year Awards

Macro Art: 1st Place – ‘Dandelion and Pink Spider’ by Peter Plottel
Macro Photos Garden Photographer Of The Year 01

Through the Garden Photographer of the Year Awards’ lens, explore the fascinating world of macro photography. Explore a breathtaking collection of thirty captivating photos that present a different angle on the complex beauty found in gardens. Continue reading »

Spectacular Wildlife-Winning Photos From The Monochrome Photography Awards

1st Place Winner: Our Kingdom by James Lewin (Kenya)
Monochrome Wildlife Awards 01

View these thirty stunning wildlife images that won prizes at the 2023 Monochrome Black and White Photography Awards! With accuracy and creativity, each picture captures the untamed spirit and natural beauty of the animal kingdom. These arresting monochrome images provide a distinctive viewpoint, emphasizing the minute details and enthralling moments of wildlife in their native environments. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos From The CIOB “The Art Of Building” Photo Contest

Public’s Choice Winner, 2023: National Mosque of Bangladesh by Azim Khan Ronnie
The Art Of Building Contest Winners 01

The Chartered Institute of Building has announced the winners of its architectural photography competition. Continue reading »

Kevin Sarasom’s Hilariously Funny Dog Portraits


Kevin Sarasom enjoys getting to know new dogs, learning about their quirks, and capturing all of their hilarious facial expressions. Continue reading »

Amazing Early 20th-Century Optical Illusion Skull Postcards

Skull Optical Illusion Postcard 1

Early in the 20th century, optical illusion skull postcards were hugely popular throughout Europe. Continue reading »

Eyes of İstanbul: A Turkish Photographer Captures the Stunning Beauty of Children’s Gem-like Eyes


Istanbul-based photographer Abdullah Aydemir thinks that children’s eyes have the ability to conceal the entire universe. Continue reading »

Spectacular Nature Winning Photos From The Fine Art Photography Awards

1st Place Winner: Dancing Poppies by Thaddäus Biberauer
Nature Photography Fine Art Awards 01

These amazing photos are the winners of the Fine Art Photography Awards 2023’s Amateur Nature category. Continue reading »

Breathtaking Travel Winning Photos From The 2023 AAP Magazine Photo Contest

Winner: “Riders of the Volcano” by Mahendra Bakle (India)
All About The Photo Travel Winners 001

We are delighted to announce the names of the 25 outstanding photographers who emerged victorious in “AAP Magazine #37: Travels.” Continue reading »

Spectacular Nature Drone-Winning Photos From The 2023 Fine Art Photography Awards

Mallards Facing Winter by Omar Ghrayeb
Nature Drone Ipa Awards 01

These are the gorgeous images that won in the Fine Art Photography Awards 2023 Professional Nature Drone/Aerial category. Continue reading »

Vintage Postcards of Giant Trees in the Early 20th Century

“Giant,” Santa Cruz Big Trees
Vintage Big Trees 1

Ever since the beginning of time, trees have provided us with two necessities for survival: food and oxygen. They supplied us with more needs as we developed, like tools, medicine, and shelter. Continue reading »

A Women’s Hair Style Expert Shows That Anyone Can Look Great With The Correct Cut

Women Who Decided To Try Short Hair And Experienced A Real Transformation In Their Look New Pics 65aa454f344ca Png 700

Switching from long to short hair, like pixies or bobs, is a bold change that many women are now embracing. Kristina Katsabina, a short hair specialist, inspires others with before-and-after client photos. Continue reading »

Bizarre And Creepy Portrait Photo Collages by Phillip Kremer


The bizarre, warped picture collages of various well-known and lesser-known individuals by Houston artist Phillip Kremer may disturb you, but you also may find it impossible to look away. Continue reading »

Vintage Photos of Soviets Taking Pictures with Their First Televisions

Soviet People With First Tv Sets 1

Artists Anna Pilipyuk and Vladimir Shipotilnikov recalled how the TV was a source of pride in the Soviet Union for their project “My First TV.” They gathered pictures of people between World War II and Perestroika taking pictures with their television sets. Continue reading »

Color Images from The 1950s and 1960s that Were Discovered in A Trashcan Depict New York City in Kodachrome

Times Square, 1958, found Kodachrome transparency, photographer unknown.

Jan Wein discovered certain pictures one day. “In case you are unaware of the background, I used to live in Manhattan during Ed Koch’s mayoralty in the 1980s. Continue reading »

Breathtaking Nature Winning Photos From The 2023 Drone Photo Awards

1st Place: Austfonna Ice Cap by Thomas Vijayan
Nature Drone Photography Awards 01

See the stunning collection of 20 Drone Photo Awards winners, all of which fall under the fascinating category of “Nature Photography.” First-place winner Thomas Vijayan is praised for his captivating photo “Austfonna Ice Cap,” while Raj Mohan takes second place with his powerful shot “Boon to Bane! – The 300 acres of dumpyard.” Continue reading »

Winning Images Of The 2023 Canadian Photos Of The Year

Canadian Photographer of the Year 2023 – Brandon Broderick
Canadian Photos Of The Year Winners 01

Canadian Geographic celebrates 13 photographers in its 2023 Photos of the Year competition, featuring captivating images like a Canada lynx in snow, a great blue heron, and the Aurora borealis. Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos From The 2023 Ocean Art Photography Contest

Best in Show: “Aquatic Primate” by Suliman Alatiqi
Ocean Art Photography Winners 01

The 12th annual Ocean Art competition, hosted by The Underwater Photography Guide, showcases top underwater photography from over 90 countries. Ocean Art 2023 reflects the ongoing advancement of photographic art and technology. Continue reading »

Fascinating Photos of Tina Turner and Mel Gibson in “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”, 1985


In 1985, Tina Turner was a global superstar, celebrated for her comeback album “Private Dancer” and her role alongside Mel Gibson in the hit film “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.” Continue reading »

Spectacular Winning Photos From The Nature Photography Contest 2023

Photography Of The Year: Sea Lion in Los Islotes by Glenn Ostle
The Nature Photography Contest Winners 01

The first Nature Photography Contest, held in 2023, has recently announced its winners, showcasing the talents of photographers dedicated to capturing the planet’s beauty. This event not only celebrates artistic skill but also awards a total of €2,000 in cash prizes, equivalent to over $2,000 USD. Continue reading »

Inspiring Wildlife Winning Photos From The Drone Photo Awards 2023

1st Place: Sleeping Giant by Dhanu Paran
Wildlife Drone Photo Awards 01

Discover the fascinating world of nature via the 20 breathtaking winning images from the Drone Photo Awards. Continue reading »

Wonderful Colorized Images of Early 20th-Century Malagasy Ladies in Style

Malagasy Woman 1

Wearing a “lamba” is traditional attire in Madagascar. It is worn by women in the form of two matching pieces of cloth, one around the head or shoulders and the other around the waist or chest. Continue reading »

This Photographer Documents Abandoned NYC Subway Ads


Photographer Barton Lewis documents “wall cuts” (ad panels in the NYC subway) that people have torn and that have decayed, transforming them into artworks. Continue reading »