Seafront House by Duangrit Bunnag Architects

Seafront House as Paradise Retreat at Thailand - InteriorZine
This is not a tropical tourist village as it may seam at first – it’s a seafront vacation villa of a Hong Kong businessman who commissioned Duangrit Bunnag Architects to create his paradise – retreat from the city commotion, on this old pine – tree forest land. The property consists of five dispersed villas, for the owner’s family and his guests, and all of the buildings are thematically linked with each other and physically connected by wooden deck terrace.

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Modern Residence in Mill Valley, California


This modern residence was completed in 2009 by McGlashan Architecture. It is located on a hillside, in Mill Valley, California.

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Wood Block House by Tadashi Yoshimura Architects

Japan-based architecture office Tadashi Yoshimura Architects has designed Wood Block House in Nara, Japan. The architect say that the house is designed for an elderly married couple, and their grand children that occasionally stay with them. The site is located in a housing district developed 30 years ago that kept the natural land form. Around the site, we can see beautiful retaining wall made of granite.

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Skye Island house by Dualchas Architects

Designed by Dualchas Architects, this house was built for a family of 5 people in Colbost, on the Island of Skye, Scotland. The house is divided into two main volumes, one for common rooms, respectively social use and another for private rooms. Along with these two volumes, there were built two smaller structures: a garage and a shed. The public space includes in the open plan a kitchen, a dining room and the lounge area while the private area is allocated to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

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Beach House by Studio101


This beautiful beach house was designed by Studio101 for a young family. It is located in Point Lonsdale, Victoria, Australia.

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Vale dos Cristais Residence

Style and Clear Elegance at Vale dos Cristais Residence - InteriorZine
This Brazilian villa project is located on an uphill slot near the city of Nova Lima. Its location predetermines – first the great view over the city and secondly an architectural solution that searches the best harmonizing structure whit minimum topography interference.

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House B10 by Werner Sobek

House B10 by Werner Sobek

Located in Stuttgart, Germany, this residence originally built in 1927 represents the world’s first active house. Last year it was completely redesigned by Werner Sobek.

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Clearhouse by Stuart Parr Design


The Clearhouse is located in Shelter Island, New York, USA and was designed by Stuart Parr Design. This beautiful home features amazing views to the lake and the forest.

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Barnes House by Grove Interiors

Barnes House by Grove Interiors

Located in Barnes, London, United Kingdom, this six bedroom house was decorated and furnished by Grove Interiors.

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The Heritage by Smart Design Studio

The Heritage by Smart Design Studio

This contemporary apartment completed just recently by Smart Design Studio is situated in North Sydney, Australia.

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Elizabeth II by Bates Masi Architects

Bates Masi Architects has designed a modern single family residence Elizabeth II in Amagansett, NY. The architect say that the house is comprised of a series of parallel walls that provide layers of privacy and insulation from the sound of the village. The walls project beyond the living spaces and ascend in height, building from a human-scale wall at the entry to a high wall along the center of the house.

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Clarendon Residence by Veronica Martin Design Studio

Clarendon Residence by Veronica Martin Design Studio

Last year, Veronica Martin Design Studio completed a two storey addition, attached garage, and renovation to an existing 80-year-old house situated in Wellington Village, Ottawa, Canada.

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House K&N by CKX Architects

House K&N by CKX Architects

This modern single family residence was designed in 2014 by CKX Architects for a young family with two small children. It’s situated in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

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Family House with minimalist interior in Sweden


Villa Bondö is a family house with a minimalist interior completed in 2013 by Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture. It is located in the outskirts of Gothenburg, in Sweden, overlooking a beautiful lake.

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Old and New Architectural Design: La Branche


La Branche was an old resting place for hunters in the woods of Heverlee, in Belgium, transformed into a comfortable and modern dwelling for a family. The house, designed by DMOA Architecten, is a harmonious combination of old and new architectural elements.

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