Victorian House T, Sydney, Australia


The house was formerly a Victorian one, as a result it a was a very heavy one for one to handle nowadays. With collaboration between two architectural offices in the city, Luigi Rosselli Architects and Campbell Architecture, a smooth, easy to use and sustainable house remaining though the old elegance it had once had was created. The façade is exactly the same but in the interiors were replaced fully.

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An Austrian Cabin in the Woods

Called Tom’s Hut, this cabin was designed by the Austrian studio raumhochrosen for a client who is a mental coach and a songwriter. The space was thus intended as a meditative and creative retreat where he can pay attention to both of these passions. Located in the forest of Wienerwald, Austria, the getaway is removed from the stresses of urban life.

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Exquisitely Chic Vacation Home on London’s South Bank

Clink Wharf-London Bridge-01-1 Kindesign
Clink Wharf is a fabulous vacation home with open plan living to your hearts content, located in London Bridge, South-East London, London, England, United Kingdom.

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The Loft Showcasing Inspirational Modern Details in Amsterdam

The Loft-01-1 Kindesign
The Loft is inspiration abound, a conceptual pop-up store showcasing luxurious lighting, furnishings, homeware and textiles, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Crib and Chock House

Crib and Chock House extension of residence by Windust Architects - HomeWorldDesign (1)
With a growing family, the owners of Crib and Chock House wanted to extend the residence located in Coburg, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The expansion project was realized by Windust Architects.

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Zoe Chan’s Herringbone House, North-East London


Through her Atelier she completed the Herringbone House, a house which shares it with Merlin Eayrs. The house resides in north-east London having fully restored as it was almost abandoned “It was in such bad repair, so everything needed to come down,” Chan was explaining.

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Roost House by Benoit Challand


The Roost House is a futuristic concept house visualised by French artist Benoit Challand in the rustic setting of Scotland.

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Architectural Covers By Przemysław Sobiecki

These wonderful covers of the Polish architectural magazine RZUT illustrated by Przemyslaw Sobiecki. Each features an abstraction of an architectural drawing, a section through a fantastical building, plans turned into labyrinths and strange perspectives. They’re the kind of illustration that would get overlooked for an everyday piece of pattern design, but as with most things, especially architecture, the devil is in the detail; and detail there certainly is! You can pick up some prints on his SOCIETY6.

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Beyond Spectacular Rustic Mountain Retreat in Big Sky

Summit Residence is a sensational rustic mountain retreat designed by Locati Architects, located in the presitgous ski resort community of Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, Montana.

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Delightful 45 Square Meters Studio Apartment in Moscow

This stunning small studio apartment was created with beautiful and functional interiors completed in 2013 by INT2 architecture, located in Moscow, Russia.

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Renovation Private House by AST 77 Architecten

AST 77 Architecten has renovated a private house in Belgium. The architect say that the existing residential volume on the street side will be packed with a full-height on the thermal insulation. The entire volume will be finished with an ecological wooden trellis, being Thermal wood materials and fibre cement sheet. In this volume will be on ground floor the entrance hall, the bedroom and the office are provided.

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Villa New Water by Waterstudio.NL


Villa New Water is a private waterfront house located in Westland, The Netherlands. It was designed by Waterstudio.NL.

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Australian House by Daffonchio & Associates Architects

Sunny Example of Australian House Design - InteriorZine
Yet another sunny example of Australian house design, this vast open home is located at Hyde Park – Sandton and designed by Daffonchio & Associates Architects. The architectural structure consists of two long and low wings that remain open view toward the tranquil garden.

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LEED Platinum West Coast Style Home on Prospect Lake

Prospect Lake Custom Home-Horizon Contracting-01-1 Kindesign
Prospect Lake Custom Home is a stunning West Coast style property designed by Horizon Contracting, located at the edge of Prospect Lake, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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Exhilarating Modern Tropical Living in Bali

Tropical Bali Villa-01-1 Kindesign
The ultimate in modern tropical living, this gorgeous villa is located just steps from the beach in the prestigious area of Batu Belig area, North Seminyak, Bali.

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