Wooden Interior by Coblonal Arquitectura

Wooden Interior by Coblonal Arquitectura

This modern retro residence was recently completed by Spanish Coblonal Arquitectura.

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La Cañada Residence by Jamie Bush & Co.

La Cañada Residence by Jamie Bush & Co.

A significant architectural residence designed by Jamie Bush & Co. set in the scenic foothills of the Sierra Madre in California, United States.

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Duplex République by am Alexandra Magne

Duplex République by am Alexandra Magne

Situated in Paris, France, this colorful eclectic duplex apartment was recently completed by am Alexandra Magne.

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Bluetrain Restaurant in Melbourne

The Melbourne based café Bluetrain celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a new interior design implemented by Studio Equator.

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Casa IV by Suite Arquitetos

Casa IV by Suite Arquitetos

Situated in São Paulo, Brazil, this retro apartment was designed in 2014 by Suite Arquitetos.

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Brise House by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

Brise House by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura

This modern residence was completely renovated in 2013 by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura. It’s situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Ice Hotel in Sweden

Ice Hotel in Sweden

The Icehotel is a hotel built each year with snow and ice in the village of Jukkasjärvi, in northern Sweden, about 11 miles from Kiruna. It is the world’s first ice hotel.

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Bayside Townhouses by Martin Friedrich Architects

Bayside Townhouses by Martin Friedrich Architects

Contemporary townhouses designed in 2014 by Martin Friedrich Architects situated in Melbourne’s beach-side suburb of Brighton.

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Impressive Futuristic Airport Terminal in China

This giant building, that has an area of about half million square meters, resembles a stingray. You’ll see it for yourself when you look at it closely.

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Condo to Loom over Samurai Graves in Japan, Spurring Protest

In this January 8, 2015 photo, Akane Yoshida, left, whose parents and grandparents run a sweet-sake shop by Sengakuji, and who leads the protests against the condominium construction and a temple priest Kenmyo Muta, right, walk near a protest banner against the construction at Sengakuji temple in Tokyo. The “47 ronin” samurai who inspired the long-loved saga of loyalty and honor eulogized in films, books and plays are fighting a new kind of battle in urban Japan. An apartment complex is going up next to the curved tile-roofed Sengakuji temple where the three-century-old graves of the ronin, or masterless samurai, lie. The banner reads: “We only hope to protect landscape of Sengakuji temple”. (Photo by Eugene Hoshiko/AP Photo)

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Beautiful Houses Week #44: The Rockledge Residence

Beautiful Houses Week- The Rockledge Residence_01 @ GenCept

This week we will show you the beautiful Rockledge Residence in Laguna Beach, California, a project by Horst Architects and interior design firm Aria Design.

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Heavy Metal House, Joplin, Missouri, USA


Huff Projects was the firm to design and build Heavy Metal House, located in Joplin, Missouri. The firm is not exclusively dedicated to architecture but it has wider portfolio range. This is evident as the house have been designed, constructed and decorated flawlessly.  The house is 650 sq.m. having build over a wooden terrain.

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The Most Spectacular Underground Park Ever Built


This concept art shows the plans for an underground park that is being planned to be built in Manhattan, New York City and from the looks of things it is going to be amazing.

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Imposing architecture and dramatic landscape: Black Desert House

The Black Desert House was built to the north of Yucca Valley, on a field that offers a wide view over the Mojave desert. Designed by the architecture office Oller & Pejic and by Marc Atlan Design Company, the house offers a desirable and distinctive retreat, with a dramatic landscape, integrating itself as a shadow in the Mojave landscape, a shade reminiscent of a mountain peak that was dynamited after 40 years exactly in this place. The place where the building was made, offers beside the breathtaking panorama, a play of lights, shadows and colors and it was proved to be difficult to access for construction, situation that required more than a year of careful planning for the project to provide access, parking and the necessary utilities while it ensures environmental protection.

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FT House, Sao Paulo, Brasil


The office appointed for the construction was Reinach Mendonca Arquitetos Associados, a firm that built a marvellous house named MG Residence  some time ago, having a pool and gym within the perimeter of the house. As opposed to MG house, FT House is rawer, having visible concrete externally. Inside the house elegant touches are visible. The area of the house itself is almost 1,000 sq.m. a third of the plot area.

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