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Holland & Barrett – new campaign by Jens & Anna


Flying chickens, gossiping snails and horny goats in Jens & Anna’s latest campaign for Holland & Barrett.
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The Squirrel and the Penguin

Squirrels! Penguins! Falafel!

How can we talk about a culture that is not our own? This animated film lightheartedly explores the pitfalls we goyim face when talking about Jewish culture and the elephant in the room that is the Israel Palestine conflict.

Made in 2011 by Jens Blank and Anna Benner, aka Jens & Anna, the full film is now being released online for the first time after doing the international festival rounds.

Their previous work can be found here
And on facebook too!

Tis the season

Ever wondered what Santa and his gang are up to in their time off?
Merry Christmas from Jens & Anna

Kentucky Healthcare animation

For concept and development work have a look at

Jens&Anna were asked to create a series of spots about the new healthcare reform in the US and how it affects people in Kentucky.
Currently more than 600,000 people in Kentucky do not have health insurance. The new service will provide affordable access to healthcare for everyone in Kentucky.

The driving concept behind the spots Jens&Anna created is the idea that this is something involving everybody in Kentucky.
They wanted to show real people in their normal environments. To create a cast of Kentuckians, Jens&Anna teamed up with character designer Emmanuelle Walker.
Jens&Anna then designed the backgrounds that our characters would live in, looking at lots of references of towns and cities in Kentucky.
All animation is done in flash, the backgrounds are cg with projected textures.
Full credits on vimeo and


My Cannes selected graduation film.

Cooked tells the story of an arctic love triangle between a Walrus a Seal and a Lobster.

Have a look at my website for more work & behind the scenes

Oh Tannenbaum

Here’s Jens & Anna’s suggestion how to decorate your Christmas tree:

This year Jens & Anna have teamed up with the wonderful David Kamp to create some inspiration for decorating your tree and practising your carols.
After DIY fold your own monsters for halloween (still available as free downloads and very useful as last minute stocking fillers) our monsters return to hang out in our christmas tree.

There is more artwork and stuff on their website

merry christmas!

Papercraft Monsters by Jens&Anna

Hello! I am the Bone Cruncher. I’d like to sit on your desk and make you uncomfortable. If you want to scare your friends and colleagues you can find and download me and my monster friends and fold us yourself.

We come from the lab of mad scientists Jens&Anna.If you’re quick you can still win the monster competition at Picasso pictures

scissors ready and go!

KODAK Big App Christmas Tree & Snowman


Christmas tree

When A4 just won’t do – A series of christmassy web commercials for Kodak’s Big App, directed by Jens Blank & Anna Benner. full credits on vimeo.