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Screwing in your Booo bulbs with a robot

The most expensive and ridiculous way to screw in your light bulbs, an installation for Booo.

Turkish red & more

[vimeo 58925044]

Turkish red & more shows the inspiration sources of five designers and studio. They were inspired by the museum collection and archives of the Textilemuseum in Tilburg which commissioned them to produce new pieces based on the history of art nouveau weavings, objects from the art deco period, sample books, colouring recipes and blankets. These techniques were re-interpreted by using modern techniques such as laser cutting, knitting, digital printing and knit programming. Designers who participated are Merel Boers, Lenneke Langenhuijsen, BCXSY, Formafantasma and Minale Maeda.
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Butterfly Effects

The fashion film was shot in a couple of days in Bangkok and Koh Chang. Butterfly Effects is a colorful, diverse summer collection. Butterfly wing drawings were the inspiration for expressive designs. Especially the printed pieces have intense, bright colors. The knitwear pieces look a bit calmer, due to black, ecru and red. The collection includes many dresses and jackets which can be combined in different ways, and some skirts that look great with simple plain tops. MLY used a variety of materials such as silk, linen-silk and cotton-silk blends, and viscose. The collection also features MLY’s first jeans, made of ecologically produced denim. The combination of honest materials and natural designs gives Butterfly Effects a pure and organic look.

Font of the loom by Bertjan Pot

[vimeo 21756798]

Bertjan Pot presents his new tablecloths today for the textile museum in Tilburg. was commissioned to make this ‘making of’ movie of his project ‘Font of the loom’ which takes us through his process of designing a typeface that could be weaved with pixel precise fabric bonds.

Bertjan chose to use a series of texts downloaded from wikipedia and used those to weave the tablecloths with. At first view the tablecloths look a little mundane but when you look closer you’ll see biographies of Michael Jackson or a detailed description of what a Haiku is. The most important thing is, according to Bertjan, not the content of the texts but the actual letter and with this project he tries to bring across the beauty of typography with technical precision.

Other designers taking part in the exhibition are Borre Akkersdijk, Maarten Baas, Nanna van Blaaderen, Barbara Broekman, Mae Engelgeer,Thomas Eurlings, Lizan Freijsen, Conny Groenewegen, Maria Hees, Bart Hess, Digna Kosse, Bertjan Pot, Mara Skujeniece, Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters, Studio Makkink & Bey, JanTaminiau.

at the textile museum Tilburg.

Ancient plastics by Formafantasma

Formafantasma was recently commissioned by Plart, to create their own interpretation of the polymeric materials. As many of our daily objects come from oil/plastic they will remain relevant as we move forward to alternatives. Andrea and Simone take a closer look into the history of polymers which goes back centuries in the forms of resins and other methods of preserving.

Botanica is the resulting project, the objects displayed in the collection are designed as if the oil- based era, in which we are living, never took place. The designers researched and hunted for information, digging into the 18th and 19th centuries, when scientists began experimenting draining plants and animals in search for plasticity.

With botanica, studio formafantasma offers a new perspective on plasticity, reinterpreting centuries old technology lost in mass production of oil derivatives.

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Reconstruct fashion video

Polka design

YDN designguide talks to Polka, a Viennese design label started in 2004 by Monica Singer and Marie Rahm. Matylda Kryzkowski travels with us to the studio for an interview and talks about their latest projects and products.

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Yuri Suzuki interview

[vimeo 17100179]

A quick chat with Yuri Suzuki, maker of visual sound devices. He exhibited several pieces together with UK designer Oscar Diaz at the Designtide exhibition in Tokyo. Yuri talks us through some of his recent projects as well as a brief history of his work process.

please take a look on his website, for an extensive overview of his sound devices designs and projects. One of which is the Barcode book which can be seen here on​14564076

video by ydn

Tokyo Designers Week, Designtide

[vimeo 16906470] makes its way down to Tokyo for the design week, on our first stop we check out the Designtide exhibition hosted at the Tokyo Midtown building. As always the quality of the works of the domestic and international designers here is outstanding, showing both prototypes as well as products open to new distribution channels. We talk with Maarten Baptist of Joine about his lucky love chair and Nosigners new material, the magnetic pearl.

This episode of features the works of:
Daisuke Motogi, Generate design, Yota Katuda, Maarten Baptist, Naoki KawaMoto, Kwangho Lee, Emmanuelle Moureaux, Nosigner, Live for sweets, Oscar Diaz, I2A3, Jaime Hayon, Tani Matsumura, Kamide Choemon-Gama

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Lucas Verweij DMY Maker Lab walkthrough

we take a tour of the Maker Lab and other DIY projects at DMY Berlin with design critic Lucas Verweij.

Vienna Design Week tour visits the Vienna Design Week 2010. In this first episode we take an overview tour of some of our favorite exhibits of the festival.

Objects with a void

Designguide visited objects with a void and a quick talk with Tetsuo of Study O Portable about the exhibit. ;Void is a term commonly considered useless, but in design, this often overlooked aspect plays a vital role.
Intentional or coincidental, voids in objects have the power to define the function and aesthetics of the objects. It’s a dismissed yet integral part of design that captivates our imagination.

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Jerszy Seymour interview

Waterworld by mly

[vimeo 13494366]
moodfilm for mly’s new ss2011 collection

Extended gallery tour, DMY Berlin

[vimeo 13099528]
Open studios and satellite exhibitions in galleries open their door to the DMY public all over Berlin. YDN designguide takes a look at a small selection with work ranging from the ECAL to Materials Utopia which invited visitors to create their own piece with some chewing gum and colorings.