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23+ Stylish Job Board Type WordPress Themes


WordPress is expanding everyday and new trends are forming faster than ever. Now, the trend moves around directory application themes and job board themes. Building a job board website is now easier than ever and these themes show that I am right.

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51+ Best Pinterest-Like Grid WordPress Themes in 2014


Pinterest has grown into a very beautiful and powerful image bookmarking community that keeps entertained millions of people throughout the World. It’s simple, clean and beautiful design is the one that increased the conversion rates and sales for online businesses as well as helping people promote content in a fashionable way.
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25 Fiverr Gigs That Will Blow Your Mind For Sure!

Many web entrepreneurs are quite scared when they hear they need to talk with a freelancer. This happens mostly because of the prices/hour and usually it’s hard to find what you really want.

Now, Fiverr has expanded it’s community internationally offering the same freelance services at just $5. The good thing is that now you can enjoy diversity in services like advertising, SEO tips and advices and even copywriting.

We have created a nice list of most useful gigs for online developers

How to Sell and Promote Your First eBook Online

eBooks are a very controversial topic in today’s web. They have a great business potential and considered by experts to be one of the top assets for one who wants to launch a successful online business. With that thought in mind we want to get more and more exposure and to do that we have to focus on marketing.

The concept is quite simple, yet it requires a bit of discipline and some ingenuity in promoting it. We have been there, we know that selling your first eBook isn’t simple, but we have gathered some ideas and tips to help you successfully launch your eBook project.

Check out all tips to help you promote your eBook

Just The Best WordPress Themes Ever Released

I guess more and more people seem to find out that we are in the middle of a WordPress gold-rush and as a result more people got richer over the night with a minimum of effort, but with a smart idea to approach WordPress.

Of course, among these the most popular choice is in the design industry and coding so many people who started to create WordPress themes are now millionaires. With that and the great competition we are now in a time when WordPress themes are more comprehensive, way cooler and way better for us and for our customers.

That’s why I am pleased to present to you the best WordPress themes yet. (WordPress Themes Edition October 2013)





Check out the full list of WordPress themes released in October.

Crowdfunding Got a Whole More Accessible to Everybody

Crowdfunding represents for many of us a source of inspiration and hope for those who have great ideas and creative minds. However, there are some other people who believe that there’s more into crowdfunding than we may think about.

Just recently I discovered that you don’t need to be a programmer, developer or designer in order to build a successful business based on crowdfunding. Now, when the trend seems to go to another level and more people start projects based on this idea, we decided to build our own community of crowdfunding.

How? Is simple and everybody can do it through the popular friendly platform called WordPress. Thanks to huge demand and popularity of the crowdfunding concept and ThemeForest community, developers started working on bringing new and innovative solutions to help you build your dream community of crowdfunding members.

With that being said, I am extremely happy to present the top WordPress themes that help you build an awesome crowdfunding site in just minutes with less than $60.

Check out more about crowdfunding themes…

Make Money by Selling Products or Services Online

For many people out there, making money online is a dream and that’s why they are usually afraid of approaching this industry. Besides that, they are insecure and usually decide to abandon the job right before making some revenue.

I’ve been there and I know that starting up a online business is not an easy task, especially for someone who doesn’t have that many computer skills or technical knowledge. For those, I gathered a list containing some of the easiest approaches for you to make money online.

Even though it may seem like an obvious solution for many, people with talent and dedication seem to forget about it. This may turn out to be an awesome business type and certainly a pleasant one with long term results.

Selling graphic elements is not for everybody, but with a bit of Photoshop knowledge you can become a rockstar in a marketplace like

If you love music or you love creating sound then is the place for you.

Check out some more ideas and ways to make money by selling products and services online.

New IntenseDebate and Disqus Alternatives

I started using Disqus over 2 years ago and in this time their company grew a lot and the community is just unbeatable in terms of friendliness and social engagement. The same applies for IntenseDebate which is a great commenting platform created and supported by WordPress, but from time to time we want to test new things.

Just last week I found out that besides these 2 awesome comment platforms are many others under heavy development, commenting platforms that promise a lot and we decided to give them a shot. If you want to test something new we recommend these 11 awesome alternatives to IntenseDebate and Disqus.

Echo Comments

Echo is one of the largest online companies dealing with comments and social engagement. The serve over 40 million items every day and they are doing a great job in the fight against spammers and malicious activites.


Is probably my favorite alternative of the list because is one of the early developers who brought up real time comments and this level of social integration into comments.

check out more alternatives here

8 Essential Elements That Will Improve Your Visitor’s Engagement

Most people think they want traffic, a lot of traffic, no matter from where or how, but they want people to know about their website. That is a good thing indeed, but not that effective when those people just come to your website and leave in just few seconds. In fact, Google and other major search engines penalize this and consider it to be bounce rate which is not good.

What you really want is to benefit from engaging, active users who are there to buy from your website and recommend it to your friends. In order to obtain this, you have to build engaging content and trust for users. However, besides that, there are some other shortcuts that you can implement in just minutes and get results in few days at most.

Using Social Comments

These are popular platforms like Disqus, Livefyre or IntenseDebate, platforms that usually connect your website or blog in a social manner with other websites while allowing your visitors engage with your website through Facebook, Twitter or a platform username.

Using Related Articles With Thumbnails

It may seem a small step to take, but I assure you that this one is as effective as bringing a social platform. It will increase the number of page views as well as comments and user interactions in a matter of few days.

Check out more tips on how to increase user engagement on your website.

22 Awesome Popular Games Recreated in HTML5

HTML5 brings lots of awesome surprises lately and there’s no doubt for me that it will successfully replace Adobe’s Flash. Today, I am extremely pleased to present some of the most impressive “artworks” created in HTML5, these are games, simple, plain or more difficult ones with serious engines behind. No matter what their structure looks like, these games are recreated after popular ones like Angry Birds, Bomberman, Counterstrike, Wolfenstein or the popular puzzle game Bejeweled.

Counterstrike in HTML5

Is a simple yet very awesome recreation of the popular shooter game. The texture and the movements are realistic and a good start for a HTML5 game.

Angry Birds HTML5 Version

This Angry Birds game was created under the Chrome project meant to promote HTML5. It runs exactly the same as the one available for PC, but is more awesome.

Tetris 2D and 3D

Probably the most well known game in all time is now available in 2D and 3D under the name of Torus.

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Get Twitter Bootstrap Now!

Twitter Bootstrap is one great Twitter initiative designed to help you create awesome web works and web development projects much easier. The project was started by 2 ex-Twitter employees Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton. The project has recently become the most popular one on GitHub generating a serious buzz in the online industry.

Now, it powers thousands of successful projects including some projects designed by NASA or MSNBC.

Get a Faster Web Browsing Experience Even if You Are Connected on 3G

Just the last week I went in a small trip with some of my friends and as a geek that I am, I had to check my latest web stats. Unfortunately, the connection was pretty bad and my signal was getting poorer and poorer making me go mad with every passing minute.

Now, after researching a bit, I found out that I can use a sieve and a small piece of aluminum foil to build my own miniature satellite to get better 3G reception.

Also, a good idea would be to use a speed booster as well as disabling images and JavaScript in browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome.

Those and many other tricks are now in the article about boosting your web connection.

Make Money Using These 5 Google Services

I know that many of you got used to Google AdSense as a top making money opportunity available at everybody’s disposal. However, Google has some other programs that you will be amazed to see how much money they can make for you.

In this list I have included some unusual tricks that you can use, you just need to be creative and dedicated in order to succeed. These are not ways to get rich quick, but definitely programs you have to check.

Google Play

The place where Google stores digital products and goods like: Android apps, magazines, books and music. Using Google Play can bring quite some benefits since it helps you promote your apps as well as helping you monetize them.


Many people don’t even know that SketchUp even exists. It does and is an amazing tool that can help you build 3D models with ease. Besides that, the application is available for free and you can use it to create 3D Buildings for Google Earth.

Check out some more Google programs that can make you money

Structure Elements That Your Website Needs

After I updated my website with the essential pages, I realized that many people have no idea what pages they need to include in their website. That’s why I decided to create a list of most required pages for a successful long term business. Be professional and successful

Check out the structure elements that your website needs right now!

Google Chromecast vs Apple TV

Apple fanboys are there to say that there’s no competitor for the Apple TV, but Google tries to prove them wrong. Just last week, Google has released a new web media player called Google Chromecast. Google Chromecast allows you to stream videos, music and pretty much everything that runs through Google Chrome. All thanks to a small stick size device available for $35.