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3D Print Skull Rings in Brass, Bronze & Steel by Bits to Atoms

Handmade with robots, the 3D Printed Skull Ring series by Bits to Atoms is now available in Brass, Bronze and Stainless Steel.
3D Print Skull Rings by Bits to Atoms
3D Print Brass Skull Ring by Bits to Atoms
3D Print Brass Skull Rings by Bits to Atoms

Available now, 3D printed on demand by Shapeways in NYC.

Shapeways Partners with the Museum of Arts & Design for a 3D Printing Experience

Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) is the first in-depth museum survey dedicated to exploring the impact of computer-assisted methods of production on contemporary art, architecture, and design. Shapeways is partnering with MAD for the exhibition and will host ‘OUT OF HAND/HANDS ON,’ an educational and interactive space on the Museum’s second floor where visitors will be able to experience 3D design and printing firsthand.

Opening in conjunction with the exhibition curated by Ron Labaco on October 16th and running through April 2014, the ‘OUT OF HAND/HANDS ON’ space will include a series of interactive 3D apps for visitors to create their own 3D models, on site 3D scanning, and 3D printing in a range of materials. Shapeways’ ‘Designers in Residence’ working in the gallery will also be available to demonstrate 3D modeling techniques and tools used to create objects like those in the exhibition.  

Visit the Shapeways Blog for more information.

Shapeways Teach How To 3D Print at Home with an iPhone and a Magnifying Glass (VIDEO)

Shapeways share a step by step video how to 3D print at home using only an iPhone and a magnifying glass to make your own 3D prints with their excess, recycled Nylon powder. Not only is it a fun way to make anything you want, it also helps to save the environment.
How to 3D Print at Home with an iPhone and Magnifying Glass

Check out the Shapeways Blog for more details.

3D Printed MagSafe Adapter Key Ring

Magsafe Keyring Adaptor 3D Printed by Shapeways
Some of the best uses of 3D printing is the ability to connect things to things, whether it is your a plant to your bike, your GoPro camera to your drone or your Raspberry Pi case to your Lego castle.
The 3D Printed MagSafe Adapter Key Ring by jbobrow makes sure you do not lose the Magsafe Adapter for the new MacBook and connects it to your keyring 3D Printed in Stainless Steel by Shapeways using the adapters internal magnet to keep it secure. Clever.
magsafe adapter keyring

3D Printing Bacon to Infinity with the Bacon Mobius Strip

Infinite bacon is now possible direct from Shapeways 3D printers. The dream of 3D printing food, infinite possibilities, infinite supply is now possible with the ultimate food to infinity, 3D printed Bacon Mobius Strip.
Shapeways 3D Printed Bacon Mobius Strip
Shapeways 3D Printed Bacon Mobius Strip

Finally it is possible, infinite 3D printed bacon with the Bacon Mobius Strip that is not delicious but also vegan and kosher friendly..

Top 10 Most Popular 3D Printed Designs This Week at Shapeways

Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular 3D printed designs for the past week in order of popularity from number 10 up to number 1 starting off with the 3D Printed Death’s Head Hawkmoth Skeleton, perfect for Halloween.

10. Death’s Head Hawkmoth Skeleton

Shapeways 3D Printed Death's Head Hawkmoth Skeleton

9. Gyroid
Shapeways 3D Printed Gyroid
8. Some Call Me a Weeping Angel..
Shapeways 3D Printed Some Call Me a Weeping Angel..

Visit the Shapeways blog to see the entire top 10 3D Printed Products this week.

What is 3D Printing and How it Changes Everything

Video of Shapeways 3D Printing & the Culture of Creativity

Shapeways 3D Printing Service
Shapeways 3D Printer in Action
Shapeways 3D Printed Product Being Removed from the 3D Printer
Designer holding his Shapeways 3D Print in his hands

This film portrays how the Shapeways 3D printing community and marketplace is enabling everyone to be a creator. All you need is an idea and an Internet connection.

Shapeways* Made in the Future

The Disconcerting Teeth Tea Cup 3D Printed by Shapeways

Do you want to sip high tea from the Teeth Tea Cup 3D Printed in Ceramics by Shapeways?
Shapeways 3D Printed Teeth Tea Cup
On Proper Usage and Inhibited Ingestion: Why is it that we find the cup so unappetizing? Could it have originated from survival tactics where we relate our proximity to another’s teeth as a threat of life, a reminder of predator and prey, poison and contamination? Is this object then successful in its design to prevent gluttonous behavior should food and drink only be offered in the cup? more information at Lily Su’s site.

Apple Fanboys Rejoice !!! The iPhone 4/4S case MacPro Style is now 3D Printing at Shapeways

Since the release of the iPhone there has been a challenge to protect the phone while still maintaining the Apple integrity, we have seen super minimal cases that protect without drawing attention to themselves but the The iPhone 4/4S case MacPro takes the MacPro front and fits it to the back of your iPhone 4/4S.
MacPro iPhone Case 3D Printed by Shapeways
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3D Printing an iPod Nano Dock by Remi van Oers Design available at Shapeways

nano stand
The Nano Dock holds, syncs and charges your iPod Nano to prepare it for your next musical journey. Nano dock also transforms your Nano to an elegant table clock. See the time at your work desk or use it in the kitchen to perfect cook your egg with the Nano’s build in timer function.

The Nano dock makes use of your existing Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable. Simply snap it in and pull the cable through the back. The Nano dock is perfectly engineered to hold the latest two generations of original Apple charging cables.

A Beautiful New Palette of Colors for Your Ceramic 3D Printing at Shapeways

Now your designs can be 3D printed in a range of beautiful ceramic glazes with our new pastel palette of colors along with satin black finish to join our existing black and white gloss ceramic finishes.
3D Printed Ceramics
More than just an online 3D printing service Shapeways is a place for anyone to buy make and sell 3D printed products on demand in a wide variety of materials including plastics, stainless steel, sterling silver, full color and now a range of 3D Printed ceramic glazes.

Shapeways: Helping Robots Do Graffiti since 2011 with The International Association for Robots in Architecture

The international Association for Robots in Architecture got their hands on a KUKA KR16-2 robot which of course means they had to program the robot to start spraying walls with the sort of style that would make the Graffiti Research Lab proud… But how do you get a robot to hold the spray gun? Enter Shapeways 3D printing.
3d printed robot does graffiti

The Vibe : Shapeways helps you 3D print a custom iPhone case with your favorite sound from SoundCloud

Sound is everywhere, blasting from your computer, cellphone, and car radio. It’s in conversations, whispers, and laughs, populating memories from the first “I love you” to “I have a dream.” At first, sound existed in invisible waves, and more recently, in iconic visualizations. Starting today, you can hold it in your hand.
Shapeways is thrilled to announce that we’re launching The Vibe, an iPhone case you can fully customize with your favorite sound from SoundCloud, the social sound platform. It’s the latest Creator from Shapeways that lets anyone turn an idea into a physical reality.

Siri 3D Printed for Real

We asked the Shapeways community what they think Apple’s Siri looks like and ran a contest to 3D print the winner.