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White O Residence

White O Residence is Architecturally Complex with Spiralling Enclosed by Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects.

white o residence 1 White O Residence

white o residence 2 White O Residence

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It may look like scene right out a sci-fi flick where humans have begun to establish settlements on other planets in the universe and that too far in the future where traditional architectural norms have become mere relics of history, but this future mega developed city concept called the “Megatropolis” project may just be what a British city of the near future may look like. This architectural utopia came into being as a collaborative project between a few London-based artists and companies though the city that the project’s video depicts eventually ended up being NYC given how the production of the video was undertaken in the Big Apple.

Even though the original “Megatropolis” project was trashed, the “City in the sky” concept that came into being as a spin off though it offers a rather naked vision of the future where underneath the apparently tranquil oasis lies a planet overladen with dirt, stress, noise and pollution. The obvious symbol used in the concept is that of the Lotus flower that rises above muddy water and offers a vision of serenity and peace amongst its murky surroundings.

megatropolis 1 Megatropolis

megatropolis 2 Megatropolis

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The Coolest High Tech Watches

The saturation of mobile phones has created a trifecta of consumers. One group feels they no longer need to wear a watch since their phones keep perfect time and are always at hand. Others believe a classic wristwatch is the appropriate accessory in a world filled with tech gadgets.
Then there are the folks who just want the coolest high tech watches they can find. If you match that description, this article is for you.

There are nearly as many watch varieties as there are wrists in America. This article, however, is about the cool ones. “Cool” may be a subjective thing, but you know it when you see it. We’ve covered as many bases as possible in our search for the coolest wrist wear. Some of these are inexpensive and some will set you back. All of them, however, are unique.

1. HD3 Slyde – $10,995

coolest high tech watches 1 The Coolest High Tech Watches
You would be hard pressed to count the seemingly infinite number of components and movements packed precisely into the black PVD steel and rose gold case of the HD3 Slyde. Watch Journal Magazine ( writes “it’s a concept that is made possible by the use of cutting-edge electronics and touchscreen technology combined with an haute horlogerie objective.” That’s fancy talk for fine watchmaking, and this Swiss beauty sure is fine. The domed sapphire screen is shot-peened, a cold working process that is similar to sandblasting but on a refined, precise scale. It also features an LED screen with a sapphire crystal cover that conforms to the curves of your wrist. If Bruce Wayne were real, he’d probably wear this watch.

2. Kisai Uzumaki – $129

coolest high tech watches 2 The Coolest High Tech Watches
Uzumaki may sound like a sushi roll, but it’s actually the Japanese word for whirlpool. Once you get a look at this watch you’ll notice the lens’ descending concentric circles, and you’ll get the idea. The hands descend into the center of the watch with the hour hand on the outside edge, the minute’s on the inside. It is back-lit and can be submerged, which is typical, but it is the Uzumaki’s style that truly stands out — especially when you consider it was built from a user-submitted design.

3. Seiko Astron – $3,100

coolest high tech watches 3 The Coolest High Tech Watches
This stainless steel, solar-powered watch comes from one of the world’s most reputable brands. Its classic styling means it will go well with any fashion or occasion, and it has some cool tech under its classy hood. The Astron features GPS controlled time and time zone adjustment, world time functions that recognize 39 time zones via satellite, and a perpetual calendar.

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LEGO Art In Times Square

Nathan Sawaya is living the dream of every kid – and kid at heart. The former corporate lawyer builds original, large-scale sculptures using LEGOs, and they’re absolutely breathtaking.

Sawaya’s meticulously crafted sculptures are featured in The Art of the Brick exhibit at Discovery Times Square in New York City.

“The museum exhibition is accessible because it engages the child in all of us while simultaneously illuminating sophisticated and complex concepts. Everyone can relate to the medium since it is a toy that many children have at home,” Sawaya said. His goal is to “elevate a simple plaything to a place it has never been before.”

lego art in times square 1 LEGO Art In Times Square

lego art in times square 2 LEGO Art In Times Square

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Funny Animals

Apart from human begins, animals are a favorite subject of photos because most of them look adorable, and we all love to capture their cute and funny movement. Even tho life gets hard every now and then, they remind us that everything will be ok. Studies have even shown that owning a dog or a cat can reduce stress. We have collected many funny animal pictures, just for you!

funny animals 4 Funny Animals

funny animals 121 Funny Animals

funny animals 11 Funny Animals

We have collected many funny animal pictures, just for you! Which one do you think are the funniest? Check out all the funny animals at


Finger Nail Art Designs For Your Inspiration

Today we are show you “Finger Nail Art Designs For Your Inspiration”. They are so beautiful, trendy and gleaming that you can’t stop starring at them. Some of the most popular nail designs are French manicure, heart, vegetation, and multicolor nails. But, today women are attractive even more demanding and want lots of different nail designs that are unique. For example, at pleasure time some women get blue painted nails with a moon, star, and tree hand painted on. Other women get a French manicure for their wedding with small pearls glued to the nail. Then, there are other women who enjoy nails painted it seems outrageous, but creative nail designs are a wonderful way for women to show their originality and style. So let’s have a glance below we hope you will like this post. Enjoy and don’t forget to give us feedback through your comments.

finger nail art designs for your inspiration 1 Finger Nail Art Designs For Your Inspiration

finger nail art designs for your inspiration 2 Finger Nail Art Designs For Your Inspiration

finger nail art designs for your inspiration 3 Finger Nail Art Designs For Your Inspiration

Girls girls girls, check out all the amazing finger nail art design inspirations only at

Men’s Collection Of Ray-Ban Sunglasses

yes are the sensitive parts of human body. Today we are showing you some beautiful ray-ban sunglasses for men’s. Ray-Bans were first created in 1936. Here are different types of glasses like aviator and wayfarer glass is famous. The difference with these sunglasses was the plastic frames. So we have collected some “Men’s Collection Of Ray-Ban Sunglasses” select any following glass and order your consignment.

mens collection of ray ban sunglasses 1 Men’s Collection Of Ray Ban Sunglasses

mens collection of ray ban sunglasses 2 Men’s Collection Of Ray Ban Sunglasses

mens collection of ray ban sunglasses 3 Men’s Collection Of Ray Ban Sunglasses

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Brilliant Examples Of Billboard Advertising

An innovative billboard design can be very hard to miss and attract attention from miles around. Check out these 15 brilliantly creative examples…

Billboards are the most common form of outdoor advertising. Large and prominently placed, ad agencies are continually thinking of new and innovative ways to use them to grab the attention and imagination of their target audience. The following brilliantly creative examples of billboard design do exactly that. Which is your favourite?

Black Tower Home Security

brilliant examples of billboard advertising 1 Brilliant Examples Of Billboard Advertising

TBWA/Vancouver prove that people do, indeed, steal in this brilliant campaign for Black Tower Security.

In a campaign for Black Tower security, advertising agency TBWA/Vancouver demonstrated that some people will take whatever they can get their hands on.

The agency lined a 10x20ft billboard with sought-after household items like framed paintings, rugs, pillows, and cookware on a Friday afternoon. By the end of the weekend, the board was bare, revealing the campaign’s simple anti-theft message: ‘People Steal. Black Tower Home Security’.

Sky Discovery Channel

brilliant examples of billboard advertising 2 Brilliant Examples Of Billboard Advertising

This original, wind-powered billboard design was created by advertising agency DDB New Zealand.

This eye-catching design for the Discovery Channel was developed by advertising agency DDB New Zealand.

A working model, the design replicated a circuit board demonstrating how various different elements work – the wind turbine powering the batteries, which stored power until the display read ‘full’, activating the neon lights and finally the light box revealing the Discovery logo.

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Cool & Attractive USB Designs

Universal Serial Bus commonly known as USB. It is one of the most amazing and smaller gadget which is generally used for data travelling. USB can be of any shape and in size mostly range from 1-2 inches in length. The actual size of a USB from which we can measure its storing capacity is calculated in MB’s or GB’s. There is a popular trend of introducing a usb derives in cool and bizarre shapes and the vendors are on going to design some cool and attractive usb shapes. There are lots of USB Drive Designs on websites but we have compiled most amazing and creative designs of USB.

cool attractive usb designs 1 Cool & Attractive USB Designs

cool attractive usb designs 2 Cool & Attractive USB Designs

cool attractive usb designs 3 Cool & Attractive USB Designs

cool attractive usb designs 4 Cool & Attractive USB Designs

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Dirtiest Completely Clean Photos

Get your mind out of the gutter. Or don’t. We’re not here to judge your pervy brain. Here’s the dirtiest clean photos to sexually confuse you.

dirtiest completely clean photos 1 Dirtiest Completely Clean Photos

dirtiest completely clean photos 2 Dirtiest Completely Clean Photos

dirtiest completely clean photos 3 Dirtiest Completely Clean Photos

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Car Charging and Protection Unit

V-Tent is an ecofriendly parking system that protects and charges vehicles. It is a collapsible canopy that can be used in both personal and public parking areas. Aiming to create a sustainable system for urban environment, V-Tent offers a safe space for electric cars either at home or in city. Functioning as a canopy that prevents weather side-effects such as sun heat or snow, design protects vehicles physically from environmental conditions.

Therefore, it prolongs the life and maintenance cycle of vehicles in the long run. Also designed as a precaution for theft, structural elements of design work as barriers. System of V-Tent in public usage is designed as a space saving parking lot space that runs on fee. With a simple interface, user is able to choose parking period and make payment by card. Being informed with an estimated charging time, drivers can access the system interface remotely via smartphone applications.

Band light on V-Tent indicates availability and charge percentage with color and length. Produced energy from solar power can be used in urban applications such as lighting, where individual users can also benefit carbon-free energy for their usage.

car charging and protection unit 1 Car Charging and Protection Unit

car charging and protection unit 2 Car Charging and Protection Unit

car charging and protection unit 3 Car Charging and Protection Unit

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Creative Advertisements

A good advertisement will draw a prospective customer’s attention towards your product. That is what every business really wants, aside from you actually purchasing their product. In this article we will round up 16 great ads that cover many different styles but all have one thing in common, that is they connect to their audience.

The average consumer isn’t going to spend more than a minute reading or staring at an advertisement they see on a webpage or on a billboard. The average time a person spends on an ad outside is 1.7 seconds, and 20 seconds on the Internet. The Internet has transformed us into fast browsers who skim through articles (hopefully not this one) and quickly glance at product advertisements they see every day. Our attention span has drastically decreased since the Internet came into play and because of that, ads now have to get their point across quickly through something that is pleasing as well as amusing to the eye. Aesthetically creative ads will get a prospective customer engaged in whatever you are selling or saying.

Panasonic 3D TV – Dino

creative advertisements 1 Creative Advertisements
Here is another ad that has a lot going on but still is able to get its message across fairly easily. We will first notice the dinosaur in the trashed living room but then see the girl pointing at the TV, which will give us the impression that Panasonic’s 3D televisions are extremely realistic. The great art direction leads to the consumer understanding what product is on display almost instantly.

MTV Switch – Fists of Fury, Tornado

creative advertisements 2 Creative Advertisements
Our last advertisement is raising awareness by showing off a very impressive illustration, which grabs the attention of a viewer. Once they are done looking at this fantasy tornado destroying a city they read the quote and learn about what is going on. This is a case where impressive illustrations can grab viewers in and show them what you want them to see.

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Best Beaches In Europe

best beaches in europe 1 Best Beaches In Europe
White powder sand, secluded enclaves, staggering cliffs, crystal clear water, and swaying palms are just some of the reasons travelers flock to the beaches winding around the European coastline. Whether you want to surf, build sandcastles with the kids, ride jet skis, snorkel among the marine life, or merely sleep in solitude, there is a beach waiting for you in your favorite destination across the Atlantic. We’ve picked five from the long list of impressive places to dig your feet in the sand and bask in nature’s beauty on your next luxury vacation in Europe.

best beaches in europe 2 Best Beaches In Europe
If your European getaway is taking you to Turkey, make sure to spend a day at Olu Deniz (Dead Sea) beach and see why it is consistently at the top of leading travel publications’ best beaches in Europe lists. The most famous on its Mediterranean coastline, Olu Deniz is a literal blue lagoon with gorgeous shades of green and turquoise water and creamy white sand surrounded by the mountains and cliffs of Fethiye. Entry into the lagoon requires a fee of 5₤ (about $3 per person), a small price to pay to be enveloped by such tranquility. You can grab a cold drink and light snack at one of the beach bars, rent canoes or kayaks, snorkel or swim in the calm waters, or just lay back and take in the stunning scenery—you might even run into some endangered loggerhead sea turtles crawling by on their way for a dip. has listed the best beaches in Europe. Check it out here.

Weird And Scary Clown Artworks

Coulrophobia, or the fear of clowns, is a specific phobia usually experienced by children who find them scary and frightening because of their unfamiliar and weird face. This condition or fear made the popularity of the evil clown in many stories and visual artworks.
Take a look at these weird and scary digital illustrations about clowns and see the depictions of them being evil and mysterious. Children might really be scared with these digital illustrations and would not want to see anything like them in a children’s party.

Clown Digital Illustrations

The Clown By Yang Zhang

weird and scary clown artworks 2 Weird And Scary Clown Artworks

The Bent Jester, Andy Monks

weird and scary clown artworks 3 Weird And Scary Clown Artworks

Spawn Clown By Hugues Thibodeau

weird and scary clown artworks 4 Weird And Scary Clown Artworks

The Joker, Mike Thompson

weird and scary clown artworks 1 Weird And Scary Clown Artworks

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Michael Jantzen’s Body Reconstructions

Michael Jantzen’s new artwork is called, Body Reconstructions. He creates images by images of different parts of his own body as the kit of parts.
Much of my work as an experimental artist and designer has explored ways in which the built environment could be reinvented in new and exciting ways. Some of that work has researched the general idea of reconstructing the physical built environment with a kit of parts. This approach is very interested to me because a relatively few number of parts (if well designed) can be combined and recombined over and over again in many different ways, in order to create many different kinds of environments.
In my new series of photo art collages, I have taken a similar design approach, but in this case I have used images of different parts of my own body as the kit of parts. My photo art collage kit of parts included images of my hands, feet, legs, chest, back, and head. Each of these body parts have been assembled together in different ways in different collages, in an attempt to form unique structures.
In some cases, the final image can be thought of as a two-dimensional blueprint for an actual three-dimensional space.

Photo Art Collages – Body Reconstructions

michael jantzens body reconstructions 1 Michael Jantzen’s Body Reconstructions

michael jantzens body reconstructions 2 Michael Jantzen’s Body Reconstructions

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