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How To Use The Golden Ratio In Graphic Design


Leonardo Da Vinci was a scientist, mathematician, and one of the world’s most renowned artists. Hopefully you’ve seen his master painting, The Mona Lisa. (If not, take a field trip to an art museum and get some culture in your life ASAP.) Continue »

Photo Editing: How To Crop Photos For Maximum Impact


Even the most inexperienced photographer knows that it’s important to edit a photo. That’s why you spend so much time sharpening the image, adjusting the saturation and contrast, removing blemishes, and making umpteen other revisions until your photo is absolutely perfect.

Ironically, in the midst of all that intense editing, you may be overlooking one of the best tools for improving a photo. Continue »

Make Design Easier With The Rule of Thirds


You probably had no idea how much math would be involved when you became a graphic designer. You may have even chosen an artistic career to try and escape from all the numbers. But pretty soon, you realized that designers actually rely on math quite a bit for measuring bleed, canvas size, and proportions. Continue »

Font Spacing 101: Don’t Let Bad Kerning Ruin Your Design

Any designer worth their salt knows the right typography is important. That’s why you spend so much time choosing the best color, size, and location for your font. But even after all of that, one thing is still missing: kerning. Continue »

How to Be the Worst Graphic Design Teammate Ever


Most of us have worked on a project with a teammate who was a total nightmare. Continue »

The Best Photoshop Brushes To Download

Back in the Stone Age of design, a brush tool was a tool that mimicked a paintbrush. But Photoshop’s tools have evolved to include an extensive collection of brushes that aren’t really brushes. Designers use them as textures, stamps, illustrations, vectors, or even photos.
Continue »

The World’s Most Famous Logos With Secret Meanings


There’s no denying logos are a huge part of pop culture. We see them when we’re driving to work, walking into a grocery store, or even spending time in our own homes. But most people don’t stop to think about where those logos come from or why they look a certain way. Continue »

Design Lessons From The Worst Movie Posters Ever


Movie posters are supposed to make people want to come to a movie. So why do so many designers make their movie posters look repellant? Continue »

100+ Inspiring Post Card Designs You’ve Probably Never Seen


Post cards aren’t just for sending home when you’re on vacation. They’re one of the most versatile (and underrated) print marketing materials out there. Continue »

100+ Cool Design Ideas for Binders

100+ Cool Design Ideas for Binders

Get inspired by some of the coolest binder designs collected from around the globe. Continue »

12 Free Folder Mockup Templates for Photoshop

Free Presentation Folder Mockup Templates for Photoshop
Create stunning, photorealistic images from your raw design files in seconds! These presentation folder mockups for Adobe Photoshop are free to download and perfect for sprucing up your design proposals and portfolio. Continue »

Big List of the Best Free Photoshop Actions

Free Photoshop Actions for 2014

If you’re a fan of Photoshop actions, then boy do we have a treat for you. We’ve spent countless hours seeking the best free Photoshop actions on the interwebs and have returned with over 500 action-packed plugins to help you save time and learn. From photo retouching and lighting tools to vector art and vintage effects, there’s something for everyone in this list. Continue »

Fresh & Creative Brochure Design Inspiration for 2014

Volcano Brochure Design
As demonstrated by this huge collection, you can see that there’s really no one way to make a brochure design. Even within the same industries, plenty of designs are wildly different from one another. There are few hard rules for creating a brochure, so long as it is an effective means of providing crucial information while maintaining brand consistency. Other than that, the sky’s the limit, as these brochures demonstrate. Continue »

Big List of the Best Color Scheme Tools Online

Big List of the Best Color Scheme Tools Online
With millions of colors at your disposal, finding the right combination can be tricky. Create a harmonious color scheme or match your colors to an image with these simple tools. Continue »

Background Images & Textures Perfect for Design Mockups

250+ Outstanding Mockup Background Images & Textures
Taking the time to find the perfect background for your design mockup can be a tedious task. This huge list of over 200 mockup background images and textures is sure to help you an ideal backdrop quick, easy, and effortless. Continue »