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Birties : bow ties pop culture

The bow tie gets increasingly place, he took a place that is deserved I find him. But for now, nothing transcendent good for bow ties. It was not counting on Birties, an American company that designs beautiful bow ties representing pop culture, Mario, Doom, Air Jordan, Abbey Road, etc …

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Amazing hand lettering by Raul Alejandro

Today the artist that I propose you to discover is quite gifted in his field, you’ll see it’s a perfect mix of illustration and hand lettering. His name Raul Alejandro, an art director who lives and works in New York City.

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[#art] Little Wings, hand drawing by Alex Konahin

Alex Konahin is an illustrator who lives in Latvia, he loves drawing freehand and black & white.

His latest project called “Little Wings” which can be translated as “little wings” is in black and white drawings of flying insects.

I really appreciate the attention to detail of this artist, I love, and there is both an aboriginal in his illustrations which then puts me on the ass.

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[#Painting] 2D or not 2D

Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov has just completed a new series of portraits with expert make-up Valeriya Kutsan.

The name is common project is “Face of Art”, the purpose of it is to give us the impression that the models are paintings in 2D and not 3D.

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Awesome illustrations with a BIC by Sarah Esteje

Sarah Esteje is a Parisian illustrator born in 1987.

After studying at Gobelins and LISAA she launched into illustrations with a BIC.

When you see the details that happens to be with a simple pencil, we can say that she is at the top of his art.

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Retro illustration by Donguri Kyouwakoku

Discovering the illustrations Donguri Kyouwakoku I like going back 20 years ago and falling in front of old television of my parents.
The style is very retro and colorful, but what is beautiful. I let you enjoy the work of the artist and back to childhood!!

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Amazing long shadow generator

This is a young French designer Guillaume HAMBOURGER is behind this project. In fact right now fashion is Flat Design and Long Shadow, thus a generator is perfect.

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Gift Idea – The pencil eraser brush

We continue our suite dedicated to the ideas of gift items. Today I offer a gift idea for a graphic designer.

Indeed it is a pencil with an eraser as broom, I find the concept very interesting and original.

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Chema Madoz – The black and white illusion

Chema Madoz is an artist who plays with our everyday objects.

They use them in a different context and giving perfect optical illusions. Once the scene is set it captures the moment with a nice shot in black and white.

Find the latest achievements of the artist.

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Artist – Impressive drawings by Sagaki Keita

This Japanese artist is really awesome. He produces works very particular. We must look twice.

Once far to see creation in its entirety. And again closely to perceive the details of it.

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Happy New Year 2013

I wish everyone a happy new year 2013.

Lots of good things for you.

To celebrate this new year, I did a little creative with the famous Mona Lisa.

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Uppertype – Free and low cost typography

I am pleased to present you a new website typography.
You will be able to find quality typography either free or not very expensive.

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Freebies – A balance chrome knob PSD

I invite you to discover an exclusive is a free PSD. It represents a balance knob chrome.

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Free PSD on the theme of cupcakes

What I propose is to discover a superb free PSD on thematic cupcakes, these cupcakes are in fashion now.

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[Graphics] SONY branding, creating a visual!

Some time ago I was commissioned by Sony to produce a support creation of the world of TVs.

I made this creation, you like it?

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