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Rebrand bumpers

Original and captivating bumpers, evolving around the notion of surprise. Each bumper depicts a vibrant and extremely precise detailed 3D animation of a mechanical world and the variations of themes seem to be nearly endless.


There are quite a lot of slick idents surfacing lately, this one being more at the top of the list. Each one incredibly seamless and high end, although my favorite has to be the blooming flower. The animation is so smooth and elegant, it really is a great work of art.

Happy Valentine’s day

vimeo 650x242 Happy Valentines day
Love, Love, Love… Say it on Video

Cool 3D/2D Mix

SCREEN 600x952 Cool 3D/2D Mix

Love the colors and the hand drawn animation.

Mighty Nice

Mighty Nice is a new Sydney-based animation studio co-founded by Nexus Productions in London and Darren Price, their one-time Head of 3D.

Stunning visuals for concerts

The videos pretty much speak for themselves. Stunning visuals for concerts and live shows. Their strengths definitely lie in their ability to capture the essence of dance music, with technology and visual art. Cool.
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