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Kulte will flip your look !!!

The French apparel company KULTE has just released an innovative Iphone and Ipad application. Created by FLIPMYLOOK, the apps does mix an original and fun way of shopping. Imagine your own look by flipping the products in and out of the screen and buy your best outfit. Free, it is now available on Itune.

KULTE SPG13 “Décalage Horaire”

Brand new Kulte SPG13’s ad campaign “Décalage Horaire” (JetLag), made by the artist MOTHI LIMBU.

Kulte SPG13

Kulte SPG13 collection

Kulte cities

Kulte SPG13 women

Kulte SPG13

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Kulte x Die Hard

Uncommon collaboration for the French clothing brand Kulte and The Twentieth Century Fox France.
For the launch of the 5th episode of “DIE HARD” all super heroes‘s big fan have now the chance to wear this original kulte t-shirt celebrating the so “cult” character John McClane…”YIPPEE-KI-YAY my friends”!!!


INTERSECTION Magazine x Babette Pauthier x KULTE t-shirt

To celebrate the launch of their new issue Yorgo Tloupas and Intersection magazine are exploring the visual language of contemporary hipster-ish graphic design, but with a vehicular twist. They are using an image Babette Pauthier shot for the magazine, of the Lexus LF-LC concept, for a colorful t-shirt in partnership with the french brand Kulte.
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Rock and “Fish and Chips” Roll by Kulte

For the last one of a 4 Tshirts series, “the 4 Season project” by the French Chef Abdel Alaoui, the Artist Arnaud Pagès and the French Brand Kulte get in your plate ELVIS and a delicious Fish and Chips roll ups recipe.

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Kulte x Brain Magazine “INVASION OF THE LOLCATS”

New “lol” collaboration between the french clothing brand KULTE and the lifestyle e-magazine BRAIN. So be prepared to wear the new tshirts: the INVASION of the lolcats and Nerds with pets
Invasion of the lolcats

Kulte x Etat Libre d’Orange “Malaise of the 70s”


Just as Etat Libre d’Orange has drastically altered the concept of perfume, clothing brand Kulte has made dramatic changes in the codes of fashion. It has been said that, under cosmic law, like attracts like. And a relationship is inevitable.
Like Etat Libre d’Orange, Kulte has personality, attitude, and a sense of humor, and both brands recognize the connections between aesthetics-fashion, music, art. There is clearly an over-lap in our DNA, and this genetic link deserves acknowledgment. So, to demonstrate our affinity with this intriguing urban brand, Etat Libre d’Orange offers Malaise of the 70’s, a fresh mix of lemon, pepper and patchouli, vintage style. In keeping with the style of Kulte, this is a flagrance which celebrates the inherent beauty in contrast and juxtaposition. A cult flagrance for Kulte – how cosmic is that?

MALAISE OF THE 70’S will be available as soon as the 1st of december 2012, in all Kulte’s boutiques, as well as on the e-shop of the brand.

The 4 Seasons project: OBAMA x BLACK BURGER

A recipe, a piece of Art and a tshirt !!! This autumn, whereas the 2nd Round between Obama and Romney is about to begin, the French Chef “Abdel Alaoui”, the Artist “Arnaud Pagès” and the French Brand “Kulte” present the BLACK BURGER! Definitely a tshirt that could be worn by all Obama’s fans, but also by all the ones who would love him to be Romney’s lunch !!!

Here’s Black Burger recipe printed inside the tshirt.



Kulte presents ‘APOSTROPHE: FALL12 Collection


“Au Vieux Panier” Panic Room by Tilt

Check out the brand new selection of arty rooms in the French Guest House AU VIEUX PANIER in Marseilles (South of France)…special mention for Artist Tilt who has created this half graffiti room aka the Panic Room .

Panic Room

photo by Big Addict (aka Roudet Benjamin)



CATCH THE WIND is a triple collaboration getting together the Art Hotel “AU VIEUX PANIER”, the artist “JUSTIN BLYTH”, and the clothing brand “KULTE”. A unique Bedroom, a limited series of products and an event.

kulte, Justin Blyth, AVP

Get more info at the opening of SUPERFLUX (POP-UP concept store).

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Reflet(s) by Mothi Limbu

Happy Mess is a highly creative studio, specialising in branding, graphic design and illustration.
Above all though it is a state of mind, closely linked to the respective personalities of its creators.
Mothi Limbu is one of them and is presenting today his best exhibition: Reflet(s)

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Femmes de KULTE

The Art gallery BOOM-ART and the french clothing brand KULTE present a unique collaboration with the famous Pin-Up artist ASLAN.
A very limited series of 3 skateboards coming together with an exclusive “Brigitte” tshirt series !

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Kulte presents “3 Faces” by SYNCKOP

When the french clothing brand KULTE meets the young graphic designer SYNCKOP, it leads to an original collaboration mixing art and fashion and called: 3 FACES
Appreciated by Maelstrom or Noise mag, Synckop, Parisian illustrator-graphic designer, working on random and out of control shapes of digitized Indian ink.
Overprints, trompe l’oeil of transparencies and mimicries, this férvent follower of the Times New Roman and its most beautiful variants has an honest as impressive experience.
From his really name Sylvain, he does twist the material, electrifies textures and gives a tangible and mystic volume to the overlapping of his collected sketches which are melt with retouched photos. Abstract and organic all at once, his compositions arouse emotion.

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“Au Vieux Panier” Call for Entries Season 3

Au Vieux Panier – Background
This old building from the XVIIth Century, was formally a Corsican grocery shop, whereas today it has been transformed into an urban Maison d’Hôtes. With 6 unique rooms, each of them designed by talented artists in different styles. You will enjoy your stay in an original artistic experience, in a house full of history.

AVP season 3 is your chance to design your own room.

about the place