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DIY-able Costume Ideas for Kids

Isn’t dressing your children in ridiculous costumes one of the best reasons for having kids?
More than 70 ideas here

tintin DIY able Costume Ideas for Kids

marie antoniette DIY able Costume Ideas for Kids

wiloson DIY able Costume Ideas for Kids

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DIY Halloween Shadow Boxes

Creepy, little shadow boxes filled with bugs, bats and werewolf fangs will add the perfect touch to your macabre Halloween decorating. They are so fun and so cheap to make, I dare you not to make a couple… or three or four!
You are only limited by your imagination. Everything is real if you want it to be… even dead fairies.
Full tutorial here

all1 DIY Halloween Shadow Boxes

DIY Pop-up Halloween Card

Pop-up cards are really fun and easy to make. You can use them as invitations, greeting cards or just as decorations around the house.
Full tutorial here

4 DIY Pop up Halloween Card

Upcycle an old tea set

Here’s a fun way to spice up the afternoon tea. Give that old tired tea set a new face by spray paint the lids and handles with a bright neon color. The result is a very modern and chic look.
Full tutorial here

15 Upcycle an old tea set

26 Upcycle an old tea set

38 Upcycle an old tea set

DIY Leopard Print Shorts

Here’s a really cool way to vamp up denim shorts. Everyone’s got a spare pair laying around, so why not take a walk on the wild side and make over the classic cut offs.

Full tutorial here

leopardshorts before 2 650x430 DIY Leopard Print Shorts
leopardshorts before 3 650x430 DIY Leopard Print Shorts
leopardshorts after 1 notext 650x431 DIY Leopard Print Shorts

DIY Washi Tape Switch Cover

Washi-taped switch plates can add a fun, whimsical or elegant flair to any room. With all the available designs, the possibilities are practically endless. The pattern can be subtle or a bright splash of color… or anything in between.
16 DIY Washi Tape Switch Cover
23 DIY Washi Tape Switch Cover
33 DIY Washi Tape Switch Cover
42 DIY Washi Tape Switch Cover
Full tutorial here

DIY ‘Lost’ Nursery

It’s safe to assume that hundreds of babies were conceived after Lost went off the air. I mean, what else was there to do now that you were done typing out lengthy conspiracy theories? So it’s only natural that one cool (crazy?) portuguese couple designed a Lost-inspired nursery for their newest Lostie. The Babay Station is complete with an Oceanic Airlines mobile, Dharma Initiative pillows and blankets, an oversized polar bear and even the white rabbit #8. I wonder if they named the baby Aaron?
More photos here

lost DIY ‘Lost’ Nursery

DIY Flavored Vodka

You don’t need to spend a fortune at the liquor store to stock your bar with flavored vodkas. It’s a breeze to make your own at home.
v9 650x432 DIY Flavored Vodka
v3 DIY Flavored Vodka
v10 650x433 DIY Flavored Vodka
Full instructions here

DIY Bird Feeder

These super simple DIY bird feeders are a wonderful way of giving an annual peace offering to nature (let’s be honest… word in the woods is, it’s the least we can do).
tt1 DIY Bird Feeder
bird1 DIY Bird Feeder
Full instructions here

DIY Washi Tape Keyboard

Everything looks cuter with washi tape!
tt221 DIY Washi Tape Keyboard
Full tutorial here

DIY Harry Potter Nursery

It’s never too early to raise the next generation of super fans. One day your kids will hate everything you like. Today is not that day. This nursery design was definitely a lot more complicated than a trip to Babies R Us for bedding and wall art; however, the finished result is absolutely worth the trouble of scavenging for everything Potter-esque.

HP DIY Harry Potter Nursery

More details here

DIY Tissue Flowers

This is a great kid’s craft idea for mother’s day. Super quick and easy, requires only a few materials and moms can keep it forever.
tt DIY Tissue Flowers
Get instructions here

DIY Heart Shaped Egg for Mother’s Day

There’s no better way to say “I love you, mom” than breakfast in bed with this cuter than cute heart shaped boiled eggs.

egg1 DIY Heart Shaped Egg for Mothers Day
egg21 DIY Heart Shaped Egg for Mothers Day
egg31 DIY Heart Shaped Egg for Mothers Day

Get full instructions here

DIY Sugar Cubes

Why not spruce up the way you serve coffee or tea? This is a great idea for a party or just for when you’re feeling fancy.
sugar1 DIY Sugar Cubes
Get instructions here

15 Survival Tips for Women Living Alone

“Women alone eat breakfast at 11 if we feel like it, lunch at 3 and dinner never if that’s the way the day is winding down. Single women do not worry about cooking unless we want to. And we don’t want to unless we like to. Single women love not having to get permission to spend our own money on a 10th pair of black boots or a painting or a wood stove. And eventually, we come to understand that there is no reason to curl up on “our” side of the bed while we sleep. We no longer have to take sides. We can sprawl across the expansive middle.”
Dominique Browning

1. Open a stubborn jar using rubber bands
130 15 Survival Tips for Women Living Alone
4. Use a mason jar to store leftover wine
216 15 Survival Tips for Women Living Alone
10. Use scotch tape to put on a bracelet
75 15 Survival Tips for Women Living Alone

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