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Stunning Design Superyacht


Take an exclusive look in this stunning Design Superyacht. 65 metres long and enough space for over 14 guests and other party-people. Yakuzi and a high-quality interior are only a few reasons to buy this superyacht. This yacht is perfect for the monaco casino and a long vacation stay.

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Italian Powerboat Design

Powerful, emotional and elegance are typical for italian design. Now you can have these character for the sea. Revolver 42 is the name of this individual powerboat with a lot of features:

You can sail at full throttle with the open boat to enjoy the sun without the slam of the air in your face. The rear sun bed, protected by the lateral fins protruding from the boat’s roof, is comfortable and safe even when sailing. And when weather conditions become adverse, you can push a button to close the roof and the rear window, to find yourself in a comfortable climatized cabin. You can sail in style – avoiding to carry a fisherman rear platform with you – and when it’s time for a swim, the rear opening swimming platform unfolds to reveal the marine universe to you.

Zefira Yacht – sport and luxury Design

Zefira is the largest vessel crafted by Fitzroy Yachts to date. The Dubois designed vessel was built to exceptional quality levels which continue the yards reputation for building award winning superyachts. The 56 meter light weight carbon fiber sailing rig was supplied by Southern Spars, and the sails inventory provided by North Sails. Take an exclusive tour through this super yacht.

Luxury Private Yacht Lady Linda

Lady Linda is the name of a private yacht. Luxury materials and contemporary interior design are one of the highlights. Take an exclusive walkaround through the yacht.

A Cool Free Font by Ivan Filipov

Designer Ivan Filipov creates the free font Multicolor. The Typo is great for posters, headlines, shirts and other design stuff. You can download Multicolor for free!

Giulia Sofa – COOL Design

Collection of objects inspired by the italian design of the 80’s. SPONTANEO INSIEME reminds the names that were given to artworks during that period, names that were meaningless to some and a way of life to others. Spontaneo insieme is a friendship that raised up spontaneously and lasts for ever. It’s a clear tribute to those friends who are not concerned in design but they believe in it as they live it everyday. See more here>>

Big Bang Experiment in CERN

A really nice photo series by Antonio Saba about the Big Bang Experiment in CERN (Swiss):

Scientists have hailed a successful switch-on for an enormous experiment which will recreate the conditions a few moments after the Big Bang. They have now fired two beams of particles called protons around the 27km-long tunnel which houses the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

See all photos on Studio5555.

Architectural Jewellery by Design Student Lisa Watson

Containment is a collection of conceptual jewellery pieces heavily influenced by the world of post-modernist design and aesthetics. With their geometric angles, mathematically proportioned measurements and pop-art inspired palette you would be forgiven for thinking that the designs created by Lisa Watson were intended for a gallery space rather than to be worn on the body. See more images here >>

High End Business Jet Design

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) shows new Interior Design with high speed digital system. You can watch TV, Movies or go online with you iPad. Like in your own home, but over the skies. See more images about the BBJ on Studio5555.

Kate Upton is the Beach-Bride

Swimsuit-Model Kate Upton presents the new Bride Collection for the Beach. See the complete Lookbook from BeachBunny here.

ExoHand is the first Step to health up

You need more force in your hands? With the ExoHand Prototype is it possible. A nice System to lift heavy things or supports your human exoskeleton. More pictures you find here.

Space Shuttle Launch with natural Sounds

A really nice Full HD Video of the Launch of the great Space Shuttle. Turn on your THX System and hear the dynamic sound of the boost and NASA Speakers.

New Video of the German Football Team

The german football team corporate with Mercedes-Benz. For the beginning of the football EM 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine they created a promotion video. Funny and interesting Making-Of impressions and the video you find there.

CSI Sofa

This sofa protect and stores your important things between the upholstery. Its invisible for your guests and when you need you can play a magician. More about this great furniture on Studio5555.

Photoseries on the Bering-Sea

Corey Arnold is a photographer and Alaskan commercial fisherman. From 2003-2010 he worked as a deckhand on the Bering Sea crabber f/v Rollo and more recently, captains a wild salmon gillnetting operation in Bristol Bay, Alaska. He is currently working on a life long project entitled FISH-WORK which chronicles the commercial fishing lifestyle throughout the world. The Fish Work The Bering Sea by Corey is his awarded and greatest work. See all images here >>